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Is your name, your product or service name unique?

What's in a Name

by Sylvia Page

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Ever stop to think, "How does my name sound? Does it feel like it's me?"

A name is much more than a label. It gives out an impression, and lets out vibrations, good and bad, and forms an image of the person, product or service instantly in your mind's eye.

Strong names bring out images of powerful people. Take the names of some of the greatest, and strongest personalities, and see how their name sounds. Get what I mean?

A name is akin to a melody. It vibrates. The more and more we think of this phenomenon, we realize that it is important to have a good name, one that will bring out the best in us, the product or the service we have to offer.

You give your child a name, which you believe describes the image of the person, you want him or her to grow up to be. Or would you name your child, with a name that, he or she will hate having throughout his or her life, which will want them to change it in later years, to something they will feel comfortable to own?

It is now popular to change names for many reasons. I believe that luck is among one of the popular reasons. You have to make the right impression to be successful in any endeavor. Remember then, the first impression one gets is, from your name.

Therefore the name you choose, should bring out power, and have to be right from the very moment you start to use it, be it for a person, a business entity, a product or a service.

Let us now examine how we set about naming a person, or anything for that matter, in a normal and conventional manner. When we think of objects, we think of the shape, colour, composition, practicality and whatever that describes it. When we think of a person, what would initially come to our minds? Our intuition, along with a mental, and emotional relationship with that person, is what comes to the fore.

We first think of naming them after someone in the family. Then sometimes, we want to be neutral, and select names, which we think will best suit our child, according to the dictates of our minds. Most often, parents disagree on the name each of them has come up with.

If you are a believer, there is a solution to this through astrology or numerology. These sciences examine many factors, and arrive at either a letter or a number as the case may be. The parents or owners of the product, business or service are now on a mission to select a suitable name that not only describes, but falls within the criteria of choosing one with the correct sound, or correct aggregate of numerical value. It's an even worse nightmare!

Numerologists have fine tuned their skills and say that your original name at birth reflects who you are. They can tell you what your talents, strengths, weaknesses, unique character traits, so on and so forth. But can you change your original name at birth? No.

They further go on to say, that the date of your birth represents other aspects and traits of your life. Therefore the date you were born, cannot be changed either. They form the momentum of your life; the path you walk, the cycles, the timing of events and influences, in fact the direction your life takes. However, they say, you can change your current name, and the way you introduce yourself. They claim that the result of such a name change, can be dramatic.

The way you introduce yourself, reflects on how you feel about yourself, by the self-confidence you are able to muster, portraying the self-image you want projected, your perspective of your own potential, and short-comings. You are creating an impression in sound and vibration; by the way you introduce yourself, and not merely labeling yourself as so-and-so, but confirming an image, and a range of qualities. You build a power and control the way to influence your own world, your immediate environment, and the people around you. The same applies to a business, product or service.

Never forget, that this influence can turn out to be positive, or detrimental to the quality of your life. You are in charge, and it is by developing your ability to tap into your true potential, is that matters.

So what's in your name? What makes you unique? Give it a thought.


A rose by any other name is still a rose...The sound of the name you choose to give to your business, product or service should be vibrant and be able to command attention relevant to it.
I am presenting this again after making some changes, and take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed their valuable inputs in their reviews.
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