General Poetry posted May 20, 2024

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A poem defining love

Adoration Authenticated

by bonespur

What is love, you ask?
An inquisition suitable for interpretation 
An affection unique to each individual
An allegiance that needs no intubation 
True Love is perpetual
To no bounds is it enslaved
Uncomfortable truths are communicated
Notions good or bad are cautiously conveyed. 
You protect your partners feelings
And keep a reverential awareness never neglecting your own
self-respect promotes honesty and encourages healings
There are no games to play when your grown
Authenticity should never work against you
That's what attracted them from the start
There's no need to hide your emotions
Muddled indignation tears relationships apart
Love is a sense of worth
A well-founded confidence, without apprehension 
No physical sensation hindering you trust
Intimate expectations without a deposition 
My animate existence has demonstrated
The good, the bad, and the worst
But, hope has managed to restore my obligation 
Of knowing the only place I belong is first. 
So what is love, you ask?
It's a freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt
Knowing someone loves you for who you are
An undying devotion, is what it's all about

I'm so grateful that I got to know what real love is supposed to look and feel like. My husband of 23 years passed away unexpectedly almost 6 years ago and it's a loss I will know forever. He was a great man that accepted my children and me into his life. Unfortunately for me now the bar is set really high and the thought of finding someone else is scary as hell. I know we would have been together for life but that wasn't what God had in store for me. I know I will always love him and I'm so appreciative for the love he gave me and showed me what I deserve and to accept nothing less
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