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A chapter in the book The Saga of Procrastination

Meet up

by Iza Deleanu

"I lost it! Helppppppp!" I said, crying in the arms of my faithful shadow.


"What now? What's the ruckus? What happened now?"


"I lost my inspiration. I should've posted something every day to keep the flow going."


"Damn it, Iza, you know that you don't write like that! You write when something catches your eye. Otherwise, you are tabula rasa! You write nada! How do you expect to be inspired when the only thing you do is work, work, work... and school!"


"Not true! I do ... have some other interests!"


"Like what? You are trying for weeks to join that Tango class and failing miserably because you are too chicken to go in that area of the city that is cataloged as "unsafe?"


"Well, I know I suffer from a bad case of laziness! You know it's to late and I have to hang around my work place for two hours if I want to attend... and if I go home ... well end of story. But you see, yesterday I joined that group from Meet Up in Capilano! You know it's the other side of the city." 


"Yes, you did go. Thank God for your friend who gave you a ride; otherwise, it would have been another no-show situation. By the way, what do you say about that group?"


"Honestly, if I want to laugh, I can just look at myself in the mirror and do it for free."




"Well, I was supposed to meet other people..."




"Well, there were other people. I called it the clan of the unfitted. And the place they chose.... oh, God, so depressing! I was expecting nice colors, music, flowers and, you know, some happy place. But... Have I told you that I prefer ... Cats?"


"But? What? Cats? Did they had cats?"


"Noooooooooo! But ...Well, I felt like stepping out in time in a very dull building. All black and unlighted, I was waiting to see some spiderwebs falling from the ceiling. And the group... mmm, such a variety of people trying desperately to fit! I don't even know why I am trying. I guess I just needed that check mark on my to-do list that the psychologist gave me. Number one: "Meet new people!" Checked! I met "people" and gained zero wisdom! Next!"


My Shadow pretending to overlook my rant: "What about you? Did you fit?"


"Yeah, I was the freaking clown at the end of my table... did some Stand Down comedy, you should have seen me. I was brilliant, they laughed at every word that was coming out of my mouth! So, I kept my bargain. I showed up, made a fool of myself to please the crowd, and finally, I pulled out  a Cinderella number!"


"Cinderella number?"


"Yeah, you know that thing. Now you see me, but now you don't! When  I got bored and ran out of jokes, I screamed, "Retreat" and disappeared!"

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