Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted May 18, 2024

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morning routine expressed in Ryokan form

Morning Ryokan Thought

by jake cosmos aller

Every morning
I drink hot coffee
Watching the news

Filling me with rage
Hatred and fear
I turn it off.

And put on the blues
Losing myself
As the music soothes
My savage soul.

And the noise
Of the news
Fade aways
Into nothingness.

This week we are featuring a RYOKAN FREE VERSE. Last week we focused on a 5 senses Ryokan Poem, this week I provided more information about Ryokan form. You may use the eventâ??s picture or your own.


RYOKAN is a Japanese FREE VERSE form created by Zen Buddist, Taigu Ryokan in 1785. He used INFORMAL LANGUAGE focusing on THEMES of NATURE AND EVERYDAY LIFE. The Ryokan Poem speaks directly to the readerâ??s heart conveying a profound sense of ENLIGHTENMENT, SERENITY, AND COMPASSION. You may use poetic devices.

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Taigu Ryokan was a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk and poet. He created the form during the Edo period (1785).

Ryokan Poems are deeply personal and have a sense of enlightenment. His poems speak directly to the readerâ??s heart conveying a profound sense of serenity and compassion.

Reykan is written in FREE VERSE form employing informal language focusing on themes of nature and every day life in the purpose of finding enlightenment.

He favored free verse, often employing informal language and focusing on themes of nature and everyday life and the search for enlightenment.

His poems, speak directly to the heart of the reader, conveying a profound sense of serenity and compassion.

Ryokan poem is characterized by its straightforward language and direct expression of emotion. His unrestrictive style broke from the traditional poetic form of his time.

Ryokan found beauty in the ordinary and saw poetry as a means of connecting with the natural world and expressing the fundamental truths of human existence.

Today, Ryokan's poetry continues to be appreciated for its honesty, simplicity, and timeless relevance, offering readers a path to inner peace and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the everyday.

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