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God hates divorce but not the divorcee...

Hard Green Apples

by Esther Brown

“All I see on your tree is little green apples”.  My dad was speaking to my husband about visible spiritual fruit in his life. What dad said fell into a dark silent hole. My husband did not respond. 

I was sitting slightly outside the circle of chairs, poised for flight, and doing my invisible rabbit trick. Trapped by their concern I couldn’t escape. I felt so ashamed, unloved and tiny. Maybe no one would see me if I just stayed still. Pretending this confrontation was not happening. I wanted a way out so let my mind wander. 

I am not sure if there were even crab apples on my husband’s spiritual tree. I was quite sure whatever he was growing was not edible. Would they ever get ripe and tasty? Not in my life-time. This was my second marriage to the same man. I didn’t see any hope of improvement. I was not about to wait and see. There had been no nourishment of our love, spiritual or otherwise, for a long time. He had disconnected from the True Vine long ago. I felt fruitless too. Fit only for the fire. 

Biblically the husband is given the standard of loving his wife like Jesus loves His church. Love so deep and strong that He chose to die and rise again to save us.  The wife is supposed to submit (or honor) his headship with her desire to be his partner. It didn’t ask me to love him like Christ. How can I honor him when he doesn’t demonstrate love?

God intended for his church to be the spiritual bride for His own Son. I think that may be why He hates divorce. It must be so hard to see his beloved children hurt and destroy each other. Thankfully God is love and His love is enough. 


My memoirs are like a bumpy journey I am remembering and telling out of order. This comes before Knight.
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