Family Poetry posted March 1, 2024

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Going threw a tough break up.

Love is no gain

by derek campbell

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Having an easy heart Bruises slowly beats less takes in all the pain and stress,

It lets your mind and body rest off those wasted years in a flooded house of tears,

It's no longer beautiful, You lose your happiness, Its uncontrollable,
Like a finishing move in mortal combat, Taking your last breath,
Your hearts getting ripped out of your chest,

Hard as fuck to withstand the pain,
like your alive,
Only a stain on the wall,
To get washed away,
to pieces as you fall,

Being swept like dirt,
Hardly breathing don't understand why it hurts,

Getting thrown in the trash, forgotten and rotten,

That heart is burnt steak,
Time for a remake,

love repeated again only stronger,
Not going to take no one fake,
Fuck the liars, need real love no headaches, no mistakes`

My shit will be harder, no fucking around this time,

Not giving it up, just on what I see,
The only way to stay above,
have to feel the same shit that's inside me,

The will to live, in my crazy life wheel,
got kids, step up we need a mommy deal.

Fucking unreal how quick shit flips,
Changed so quick,
My personally did to,
Like the Shit I laughed at,
Stupid comments,
The silly dance moments,
All faded away over shit i never wanted.

When I felt strange, my heart felt the pain,
Loving her more just in case shit goes sideways,
With the Signs that started to flow in,
She changes my mind again,
You tell yourself to shut up,
Just like that,
in that moment,
Your smile now gone to a grin, that's unrecognizable
Let the heart attack game begin,

That's when it all hurt,
fucking heart blew up,
Got black and filled with past memories,
Questioning all the lies she ever said to me,
Dying with heavy anger,
Not knowing what i could have done to save her,
Game over,
Cheated on twice,
That love was a fucking waste,

Wish i could know when i was erased from your life,
when you were searching to fill that empty love space,
the one that i was thought i was still in,
nope, just changing the fake fucking life race.

Didn't get a name,
assuming there's a couple of them you bang.
A lying machine right from our first love scene,
You promised me crying in my arms,
Never again, you need me,
Im sorry, dont leave me,

Glad i didn't tho,
Wouldn't have these babies,
Only fucking good thing you gave me,
Fucked up,
All those times i bled my heart to you,
Wanting to try anything to prove the flames still lit,
Trying to figure out what's wrong in my head, trying not to quit,
You just sit back in silence, blame it on the drugs and go to bed, fucking headaces you said,

You let it happen, watched me struggle mentally knowing you just came back from boning,
Then you mess around with me and say everything's okay i love you, just to shut me up for a day or two,
then its all good let the fuck Derek's life circle continue,
Worst thing someone could do,
I had to get it out of you on fathers day
Guess thats what i get eh
Hope your happy and life goes your way.

We're doing good,
And everything's okay,
Don't know about you,
It's been a year or two,
Hopefully you got screwed,
And used,
Thrown away and abused,
But seriously get better,
Kids won't be small forever.

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