Writing Poetry posted March 1, 2024

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the muse speaks up

conversation with my muse

by jake cosmos aller

         “Hey there my muse. What’s cooking? Can you help a brother out? You know I need something to enter this contest but ain’t nothing coming up. I know you got it, baby so lay it on me.,”

“          Yeah, well tell me what you need from me, Dude.”

         “Okay the contest is a dialogue-only thing, you see, and I am supposed to talk to my muse who is strangely silent for once. Normally I can’t shut you up.”

         “Man, that’s cruel. I’ve been busy. You know with the whole writer’s strike and all. We muses decided to do our only walkout. Your creatives just don’t care, think you can do whatever and we will come in and save your bacon so to speak. It ain’t fair and we are on strike supporting the writers and actors. Man, that AI revolution is doing a number of us all, don’t yah think?

         ” What does that have to do with anything? I mean I always thought that you were only working for me and am a figment of my demented imagination. Now you are telling me you are real. That’s wickedly wild.”

         “Well, you see it’s kind of like this, my friend. We exist but in a sort of parallel universe, where we work with guardian angels as well as other spirit creatures. You can not see us but you kind of can hear us as you channel us when you get the inspiration. “

         “ I don’t get it. I mean you are not just part of me and you work with other creatives too? “

         “Yeah, dude. That’s why oftentimes we don’t respond when you call us. We are on the dime so to speak, and you are paying for us although you don’t even know it, you stupid earth people. I mean, we all think that you are the craziest people in the known universe. We love feeding you nonsense. That whole Q thing? That was one of my favorite pranks. Who knew that so many people would fall for it?” We
‘So, what do I have to do to get you to work again?”

         “Hmm say that you love me and will always be true?”

         But I can’t even see you. Show yourself.”

         “Okay but be warned. It ain’t a pretty sight.”

“          Wow, man. I had no idea what you looked like. How did you do that?”

         "Mind reading Jedi mind tricks. We create ourselves in the image of your fatal attraction.”

         “Yeah, now can you quit your damn strike and go back to work”

“Yes, Sir, and here’s your story. Good enough for yah?

“          Thanks, Muse, and I’ll be seeing you around.”

imagined conversation with my muse
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