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A short comedy script

The Gift of Knowledge

by Videl Sky

One-Minute Comedy Contest Winner 
















JUDGE: It seems you are being charged with one count of disorderly conduct, how do you plead?

DEFENDANT confidently strids up to the stand and the JUDGE motions for him to speak.

DEFENDANT *clearing his throat*: Your honor, what are words, but thousands of letters, motions, and intentions we carry out?

JUDGE *mouth twisting into a grimace*: That’s…

DEFENDANT *passionately holding a fist to his chest*: What are words, but beautiful melodies made with each parting of the lips, remnants passed down through generations?

JURORS in the background are seen nodding to the DEFENDANT’S words.

JUDGE *face progressively getting redder*: You can’t…

DEFENDANT *wiping a single tear from his face*: What are words, but cumulations of our ancestor’s knowledge not yet lost to time?

JUDGE *finally snapping*: You cussed out a minor!

DEFENDANT *shaking his head gently*: That’s where you’d be wrong, your honor. See, I did not cuss out that ankle biter, I enlightened him.

Writing Prompt
This contest requires you to write a one-minute comedic play using at least two speaking characters. Do not exceed 200 words, including stage directions.

- The script is comedic.
- The script does not exceed 200 words.
- At least two characters speak.
- The entry is formatted as a script.

One-Minute Comedy
Contest Winner
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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