Spiritual Poetry posted February 19, 2024

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Removing mental blocks


by Cogitator

In the tapestry of human existence,
Layers of understanding weave and twine,
Yet, shackled by the ego's self-imposed fence,
Enlightenment's path seems hard to find.

No walls exist but those we raise within,
Limiting our grasp, our reach, our sight,
Fear, born of ignorance, holds us in,
Society's whispers bind us tight.

At birth, we're pure, in form and soul,
Connected to the earth, to all that lives,
Yet, language fails to bridge the whole,
Truth whispers, but language misconceives.

Society molds us, shapes our dreams,
Molding acorns into towering pines,
But we're urged to plan for death's extremes,
Instead of living, we toe the line.

In the dance of atoms, we find our place,
Interconnected, part of the grand design,
Yet, materialism's hold we must erase,
To truly grasp the cosmic sign.

The corpus callosum, where thoughts converge,
Where mind and heart in harmony reside,
Yet, society's lies, like a toxic surge,
Distort the truth, where balance should abide.

In ancient times, enlightenment shone bright,
Before the shadow of tyranny's might,
Gaea's children, bathing in the light,
Fascism's wave has brought us endless night.

Sheeple unite, forming herds of thought,
Bound by isms, they march in line,
Until the truth of self is sought,
Their suffering will not decline.

In the realm of intellect, we find our seed,
Unfolding and blossoming with time,
But understanding is what we need,
To break the chains of corporate crime.

Knowledge, born of experience's touch,
Informs our journey, guides our way,
Yet, without open minds, it's but a crutch,
To discern truth from falsehood's sway.

Open-mindedness, a rare and precious gift,
In the sea of certainty, a beacon bright,
Yet, without discernment, our boat may drift,
Lost in the waves of wrong and right.

Common sense, the silent guide within,
Whispers truth when reason's lost,
Yet, in the noise of ego's din,
Its voice may be easily tossed.

Truth-seeking, the quest for what is real,
In the face of doubt, we forge ahead,
Yet, clinging to beliefs, we fail to feel,
The whispers of the truth we dread.

Intuition, the silent sage within us all,
Guiding with a gentle hand,
Yet, drowned out by ego's call,
Its wisdom we may misunderstand.

Wisdom, the culmination of our quest,
Intertwining heart and mind,
In compassion's light, we find our rest,
To the truth of life, forever aligned.

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