General Poetry posted February 13, 2024

There is a brighter day.

The Day I Cried

by Jonadab Ezerie

The day I cried, the world seemed to weep with me,
Dark clouds hung low, saturating the air with sorrow,
I walked through a haze of pain, a blur of emotion,
Lost in a sea of tears, drowning in my own fear.
I cried for lost dreams and shattered hopes,
For the illness that engulfed and consumed me,
For the friendships that faded, and the promises broken,
Each tear cried out a story of my pain.
On the day I cried, a seed was sown,
A seed of growth and renewal, waiting to bloom,
For tears, though they may fall like rain,
Have the power to wash away the pain.
On the day I cried, I learned to let go,
To surrender to the emotions that destroyed me,
And in that surrender, I found the beauty,
Of allowing oneself to feel, to break, and to heal.
On the day I cried, though my heart felt sore,
I found beauty in tears, in the depths of my core,
I found myself standing, stronger than before,
A glimmer of hope emerged with gentle grace.
For through the anguish, I learned to revive,
To let my tears guide me toward being alive,
And though the day I cried will forever remain,
I emerged stronger, ready to embrace life again.


The poem presented is a personal reflection on the experience of crying and the positive impact it can have on emotional and psychological well-being. It explores the transformative potential of embracing and processing emotions, and offers a message of hope and empowerment to those going through similar experiences. This piece demonstrates a profound understanding of the importance of emotional well-being and the power of self-reflection. It is a valuable contribution to the ongoing conversation around mental health and wellness.
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