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Rules are Rules

by jmdg1954




10 Steps to an Abusive Parent

According to today's generation of kids, my mom and dad were apparently abusive to my sister and me when we were children. 

Number one -  we were scared to get in trouble. My mother was fast and had a marksmanship aim with her zapatos (slippers). 

Number two -  my parents made us do household jobs; clear the table after dinner, take out the trash, keep our rooms clean and beds made, walk the dog, simple tasks that needed to be done.

Number three -  they made us go to school, everyday and church on Sunday! What nerve to cut into my cartoon time, sheesh!

Number four -  they put food, prepared at home on the table which we were expected to eat. The word “take-out” was not in their vocabulary. And “fast food” meant mom had dinner started and on the stove no later than 8 AM.

Number five -  they put clothes on our backs which we were also expected to wear. My designer jeans came from E.J. Korvette (discount department store) and were called Levi’s. My summer shorts were cut-offs, typically my worn out Levi jeans.

Number six -  my mother always kicked us out of the house… “Go outside and play, but be home before supper”.

Number seven -  they strongly recommended we get an age appropriate job so we could buy things we wanted. I guess that is how I bought my Ford Maverick in 1972 for $2,200 BRAND NEW.

Number eight -  they gave us a curfew and there was never a good reason to break it. Never! Sleepovers… unless it was at our aunt's house, there were no sleepovers. You slept at home.

Number nine -  they insisted we do our best at school, at work and to take pride in what we did. We grew up with morals, a good work ethic, and respect for the law & our elders. 

Number ten -   they put a roof over our heads which we could call home for everyday of our lives, until we got married. You made it a place filled with love, laughter and safety.

I was able to find and marry a woman whose life was sustained by the same ten steps. We were then able to provide our three children with the identical life and now pray they do it as well for our grandchildren… our prayers have been answered.

I thank God everyday for my Mom and Dad and can only wish every child, everywhere can grow in a ten-step household like I did.


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