General Poetry posted December 16, 2023

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There is much to learn from these noble creatures .video

Love from the Get-Go

by tempeste

Elephants are very social beings
and to them family is everything.

Their love for each member begins
at birth.

Herd members form close- knit bonds
with moms, sisters,
aunts and grandmothers
all fusing over the young
from day one.

The matriarch is a wise leader

who has the job to search
and find food and water
for all.

In the womb of the mother-to-be
the seed of life grows
during an exceptionally long gestation
of twenty-two months.

As the female delivers her large family
forms a protective circle around both.

Mother aids her newborn to stand-up

while the others in celebration
flap their ears, trumpet and compete
to touch the newbie with their trunks.
Bonding with the enfant begins.

In the following months
the tiny, hairy tyke
stays close to its mom
but if it squeals the whole clan
will run to its aid.

All contributes
to its
education and formation,
the herd's next generation.

The natives of Africa honour these giants
and see them as valuable role models.

Their love, compassion and devotion
for each other is mirrored in
many tribal values and traditions.

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