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The second date.

Hallmark Christmas


I told y'all how I was going to enjoy this Christmas Hallmark style.  Last week my husband and I went to dinner and then to the Elizabethan Gardens to see the holiday lights.  It was supposed to be my treat, but we had to charge it because the restaurant was too expensive for the cash I had in my wallet.  
Scene one: we open on an authentic Italian restaurant called Josephine's.  We have made several attempts over the years to eat there.  We've never made it to the waiting list. The owners, Josephine and Cosmos, are from the little island of Cicily.   
The thing about Josephine's is its a bear to get into.  It's small and intimate, a place where you relax and enjoy the meal.  You start with homemade Italian bread and spiced olive oil for dipping.  Then your appetizer is served.  Finally, your main course.
I got the deep fried ravioli and marinara and stuffed grape leaves.  Both were delicious.  I am probably one of the few people who can take or leave Italian food.   I prefer Asian cuisine.  But, after last night night's dinner, I think I know why I've never cared about Italian food.   It's because I've never actually had real Italian cuisine.  This knocked my socks off.
It's kind of funny how my husband and I felt going in there.  We felt out of place.  This is the "it" place for locals.  My boss goes all the time.  As a matter of fact, he was there last night.  After a quick hello, Chuck and I were seated and studied our menus with descriptions of foods we knew nothing about.  I recognized ravioli and pounced on it.  Chuck ordered the combo platter.  Italian sausage, two baseball sized meatballs and pasta with red sauce.
It was delicious and we ate until we couldn't take another bite.  
The waitress came around to check about dessert.  We declined, but asked for a to-go container and the check.  
The waitress brought our leftovers out to us and told us to have a good night.  Chuck looked at me and I at him.  We hadn't paid yet.
"Our check?" I said, knowing she was busy and probably just forgot.
"Your check has been taken care of."
Cue the sound of jingle bells to let the audience know something magical has happened.
"Steve?"  I asked, knowing full well he was the generous culprit. My boss is like that.
She just smiled and said, "Have a good night."
Now, you know good and well that this kind of stuff doesn't happen in real life.  Have a delicious dinner in a restaurant you've never been able to get into before, only to have it paid for, now that's some real Hallmark stuff.
Once again, something wonderful and Christmasy transpired.  I'm taking Chuck to breakfast on Wednesday, so stay tuned. Who knows, we may rub elbows with Santa Clause.


This was the second Hallmark Christmas date.
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