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The Animal Kingdom Quiz

by Douglas Goff

Class Is In Session Contest Winner 

I recently wrote two stories where I had to research what a group of fleas were called (scratch) and what a group of mice were called. 

This led me down a rabbit hole, although I didn’t find a cute blond girl named Alice. Instead, I discovered many interesting terms for grouped animals. I picked twenty-five of the hardest ones and listed below. 

I knew only three of these prior to researching this. Be honest and let us know how many you knew. If two answers are listed and you get one, consider that a point.  I’m thinking most of you can beat three. 

(No points for herd or flock so don’t even try it.)


Bass: shoal 

Chickens: peep

Crows: murder

Bears: sleuth or sloth

Cheetahs: coalition

Cobras: quiver

Cranes: sedge

Crocodiles: float or bask

Donkeys: drove

Eagles: convocation 

Emus: mob

Ferrets: business or fesnyng

Finches: charm

Flamingos: stand or flamboyance 

Foxes: skulk or leash 

Geese (in flight): skein

Giraffes: tower

Hippopotami: bloat of thunder 

Mice: mischief

Manatees: aggregation 

Parrots: pandemonium 

Rhinoceros: crash 

Squirrels: dray or scurry

Wombats: wisdom 

Zebras: zeal or dazzle

I hope you enjoyed this and learned something.  I sure did! 

Writing Prompt
Your goal is to teach your fellow Fanstorians something they did not already know. It is a bonus if you make it interesting. The only solid rule is you have to do it in 200 words or less.

Class Is In Session
Contest Winner


Humans are silly. By the way, a group of people is called a crowd.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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