Biographical Poetry posted November 27, 2023

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To discover yourself, you must first lose yourself

Losing Myself

by Charity Stewart

Losing myself like leaves falling from the trees.

Losing myself because I'm among a dying breed.

Take me higher to a place where my soul can be freed.

I am traveling to a dimension where my demons feed.

Hand on the bible, but my spirit is too weak to receive.

Drank in my cup, not wanting to leave.

Darkness follows me, so it's hard for me to believe.

Life raped me so many times, so success is hard to conceive.

Life in the trenches made a monster out of me.

Screaming, "God, why have you forsaken me!"

Cracked glass is a reflection of me.

I have been cut into a million sections, so I no longer bleed.

Deadly anger glows in my complexion.

I don't know what I have become, but I know I'm headed in the wrong direction.

The bottom of the bottles is my only protection.

It helps me find myself, so getting drunk is my daily selection.

I don't fall in love, but I'll give you an erection.

Just because I let you cum inside me doesn't mean we have a connection.

I'm lost in my thoughts, which is my everlasting perfection.

I would rather die young, which is my secret confession.

My presence is felt heavily in this supernatural town.

In my darkest moments, no one was around.

The underground kingdom holds my crown.

I'm a walking time bomb, so brace yourself for the explosive sound.

I'm back on the pills, so I know I let you down.

Attacked by waters of temptation, so I know I'm gonna drown.

I'm a train in a subway forced off its tracks.

I've done too many things that I wish I could take back.

My brain is fried, so cut me some slack.

My heart is pumping out my chest like a heart attack.

Death might bring me the peace I require.

Finding myself in time is my only desire.

I'm making raw songs for the streets, so there's no need for a choir.

The way I'm losing myself is so dire.

My past is dry ice, while my future is on fire.

Vulnerable wetness, so toss me in the dryer.

Relapse behavior doesn't make me a liar.

I'm speeding through the storm with bald tires.


I'm losing spiritual warfare, so toss me in the fryer.

I feel like any second, I can snap like Michael Myers.

Evil voices speak to me like Harvey Dent.

I hurt many people I love, so I need to repent.

I hit your emotions so hard that I left a dent.

I must be hellbound, not heaven-sent.

I am working four jobs while stressing to pay the rent.

I am changing like the weather, but you didn't know it would be to this extent.

I look in the mirror, and what do I see?

I see a person that I never thought I would be.



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