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Transition from one place and form to another place and form

A chapter in the book Spectre

The Dark Spot

by Lea Tonin1

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Heated summer sandbars sings
Pools of warmth the crabs glee brings
Dancing diamond's green seas offer
While she waits in tides of copper.
Sun quivers on the horizon
Hangs before the collide risin'
Darkness creeps approaches proper
While she wakes in tides of copper.
Golden orb creeps down she weeps
Knowing now there's no retreat
Blood is all that flows in coffers
While she waits in tides of copper.
Hello again all of you! 
I feel grateful today!
Grateful my friends here were so kind as to offer support compassion and empathy. All valuable and wonderful things to receive as it all falls under the category of belief.
A precious gift for one such as me!
I took a drive this morning with my dog. The sun bowed once more to the horizon as she sped across the sky. It's cool and clean and crisp.
The passenger window on my car staying down permanently inviting the cool breeze to come and wrap me in its frosty arms.  It was invigorating really.  
I want to tell the world the path to freedom is not where we were, it's not where we're going. It's here and it's now. It's a gift we give ourselves on a daily basis.
I'm going to take you back now.  Back in time.  Back to the girl I was. Back to the home I ran from and back to the reality that was....all that time ago.

"Get out of that house! Get out now and don't come back!" P yelled.

Then the phone slammed down. I stood there bewildered for a moment until I heard a slurred male voice,

"Who's here?! Is it one of you whore girls?!" Get your fucken ass over here when I call you!" The man of the house bellowed.

I froze.  I've been down this rage road before.

My heart stutter stopped as my mind switched gears. I used quiet feet to lightly move down the hall toward the bedroom.

Inside I found a clear plastic bag in the drawer of the dresser. I quickly stuffed my small amount of clothes  as fast I could in the bag. I opened the door a crack and took a quick peak down the hall. All clear. I slipped through the door and went silently down the hall.

"Gwab ya asss!" His loud gibberish barreled down the hall toward me, his words much louder.  Speech quite slurred. 

It caused me to jump and bang up against the wall.

Once again I froze. I could hear things falling down. Him bellowing like a bull! I could hear the thump of the walls as he bounced off of them.

His voice blurbed  out another drunken bellow.

"ggurt vrac heea!! Knu ya dere!!

I bolted to the back door. Pulled open the door, took off down the stairs and out of the yard to the street.

I didn't look back for a second. I kept going not slowing my pace. In no particular direction, I kept going. My heart was broken. So short a time for peace.

My tears mixed with the rain pounding down around me. It bounced off the pavement like tiny rubber balls. The night closed in around me as I slowed my pace to a fast walk. The night was even darker without the stars and the moon.

I stopped.

"Get a hold of yourself!" I thought angrily.

There was a large recreational about an hours walk from where I was. Turning I headed toward it.

The rain came down harder. I was drenched to the core and to the bottom of my feet. I tried to turn my mind to what to do next.

I was shocked, heartbroken and couldn't think. I just continued to slog my way to the park. Finally the rain tapered to sprinkles and then stopped altogether.

Entering the park I picked a lesser used trail and wandered up it. I was looking around for a dry area when I saw a flickering light.

I followed the light picking my way through the brushes. I could see through the trees what looked like two homeless people, a man and a woman, sitting around a small fire with an old grill on top.

Two cans of something cooking in it. I couldn't see it from where I was. I was about to turn and leave by the same way I came when the woman spoke up and exclaimed, "Hey who's that?" The man turned to look.

"I'm sorry." I said. "I didn't mean to disturb you. I'll just go."

"Girl, you look like you showered in piss water and were put in swampers clothes!" The woman said.

I just looked at her with moon eyes. "Well, come get yerself dry.  Can't turn you out lookin like that." Said the man waving me in.

Carefully looking around, I walked inside the perimeter of their camp. A couple of cheap fold out chairs and a cot.  Behind that was their small tent. 

So reminiscent of my own time in the forest. I chose a fold out chair and sat stretching my hands towards the fire.

"Thank you." I said quietly.

"Figure, we got nothing worth stealing. Looks like you don't have anything worth stealing either. Might as well sit round the fire and have some fellowship." The woman said.

"You and your fellowship." The man said. "I don't see a lot of fellows around here." The woman chuckled and waved him off.

I shivered and moved closer to the fire. "Have a snort of this." The man said. "It'll warm up yer gullet in a hurry." He produced a bottle that said "Brandy".

"Honey, put another can on for the girl. She looks famished." I declined the brandy but happily accepted the can of stew.

"It's all right girl, one pull of the Brandy aint gonna kill ya". Yeah, you'll just warm up that's all. You'll thank me for it."I looked at the woman.

"Don't worry, it's not that swill the others make. That comes from the liquor store uncracked before us.  It's ok." She replied. Reluctantly I took the bottle. Unsure, how much I should take, I just let it touch my lips.  "Come on now, girl, get yourself a good mouthful and swallow it whole. Don't be shy." The man said. So I up ended the bottle and filled my mouth and drank it down quick.

The next thing I felt was the sensation of absolute fire. From the top of my mouth all the way down to the bottom of my tummy. I was roasting! I let out a gasp to which the couple both chuckled. But he was right I was warm!

"Well if you're gonna be sipping my Brandy we'd better introduce ourselves."

The woman told me her name and passed me a can of stew and a mostly clean plastic spoon and then I told her mine. After that the man introduced himself and said "Welcome to our humble abode."  Now I was feeling very cozy, warm and I actually relaxed. I knew I shouldn't. I knew I should be vigilant but my body seemed to have a mind of its own.

Slowly, fighting it all the way, I had begun to fall asleep...I knew I was going but I just couldn't stop it. I vaguely recalled someone drape something over me...

I slowly slipped away....

I remember that night, like it just happened.  Running from the house and down the street. Into the park. That house...all too reminiscent of where I'd just come from.  
I have escaped once again, tired of having to run and escape all the time. A fundamental change was required.
That was then this is now now. I feel now a little bit drained, a little bit satisfied, a little bit shaky.
I still feel like I sucked on a helium balloon....ð???

This chapter is part of an Auto bio book two of a trilogy. This one is called Spectre. Books 1 (Ghost) and 2 can be found in my portfolio. If you wish to read. Please note, some chapters are disturbing and can be difficult to read. Reader discretion is advised.
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