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My Experience As A Woman

by Kristen Rose Ulrich

      I love everything about being a woman. I love wearing make-up, getting my nails done, wearing pink and feminine clothing. I also wear heels. The walls in my room are painted pink. I am a very feminine woman. More importantly, I love men and women as people, and I believe we should all be treated equally. I like to call myself a, “lipstick feminist.” I believe that women can be feminine, not hate men, and believe in equality. More women are identifying as feminists. They are realizing that you do not have to be a hateful lesbian who doesn’t shave her legs in order to be a feminist.
         Being a female is very complex. Over the years, women have struggled for equality. The main difference that I have noticed between being a man and a woman, is that women are asked to seek more guidance than men. Men are still in more leadership roles than women. Men are also paid more than women. This power struggle is even evidenced by the language that we use to refer to women. Often grown women are referred to as, “girls”, but men are never referred to as, “boys.” It would be considered a great insult to call a man a, “boy”, but women are easily referred to as, “girls.” This choice of words reduces women to children, and insinuates that they can be more easily told what to do. Although this thought process tends to occur on a more subconscious level, it does make me think. 
         I have noticed that as a woman, I am judged more for my looks than men are. I have gotten some attention for my looks, that I don’t feel I would have gotten if I were male. I have found that women are more seen, and men are more heard. We listen more to men, but we pay more attention to women’s looks. My wish is that women could be more heard, and men could be more seen. 
        However, with that thought in place, I have also noticed that we can all accomplish anything we want, as long as we set our minds to it. There is nothing that a little hard work and determination won’t cure. Being a millennial has brought me more opportunities than being a woman born in earlier generations. I am a speech pathologist and I feel that if I were born in 1950, it would have been harder to become one. Anyone can do anything that they want, regardless of their gender. The only exception is that men can’t have babies. Only trans men can. 
        In conclusion, men and women are very different. However, we are all just people. We all experience love, joy, peace, and a wide array of positive and negative emotions. We want to be accepted and successful. We can spend a lot of time dividing the sexes, but I think we could find peace in knowing that we are all truly very similar. Please always remember that. 

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