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Unknown lady seeks entrance to house at night.

Night Visitor Unknown

by BethShelby

Setting:  Modestly furnished front room of a house in middle class neighborhood. Open floor plan. Sitting area with bar and bar stools separating it from the kitchen. The sitting area contains a sectional sofa, end tables with lamps. A large coffee table, bookcase with books and whatnots and a television set. There are double windows with closed blinds and front door. Several modern pictures adorn the walls. There is a desk near a hallway leading back into the rest of the house. 
Lisa: An attractive girl, who appears to be around twenty. She has straight mid-length blond hair and no makeup.  She wears pajamas and a short silk robe.
Unknown Lady:  She is never seen, only heard.  Her voice sounds young and very agitated.
911 Operator:  A female voice heard only on speaker phone.
Sargent Harrison: Male voice heard only on speaker phone.

Fade in to Front Room
Opening Scene: The room is semi dark. A large digital clock is on the bookcase. Scene opens with a close up shot of the lit- up numbers on the clock showing the time at 2:10 a.m.  A doorbell is ringing. It rings several times before there is a loud pounding on the door. Lisa appears from the hallway and flips on a lamp. Her hair is in disarray. She rubs her eyes and squints at the light.  She mutters to herself, appearing to be unnerved.
Lisa: Who on earth is ringing my doorbell at this hour? Sherry picked a fine time to go out of town and leave me here by myself. I don’t know if I should answer it. What if they think no one is home and try to break in. (She looks around the room and picks up an umbrella and walks to the door where the knocking continues.) This isn’t likely to be of much use. Maybe I could punch them in the eye with it. I’ve got to get one of those peek-holes put in this door.
The knocking continued becoming louder and more persistent. Lisa snatches up her cell phone from the desk. Armed with the umbrella and the cell phone, she cautiously approaches the door and calls out loudly.
Lisa: Who's there?
Unknown Lady: (Voice sounds panicked) Let me in quick. I’m in trouble! Hurry, please!. 
Lisa’s hand reaches for the dead bolt and hesitates. She reaches for the light switch instead and turns the porch light on.
Unknown Lady: No! No! Turn it off quick. He’ll see me. I don't want him to know where I am. This guy tried to rape me. He ripped my shirt off. I'm cold. Please let me in. 

Lisa: (She flips the light off ) Who are you? Do I know you?
Unknown Lady:  I’m Ginny. You don’t know me, but I'm freezing. Please let me in.  
Lisa: Let me call someone. I’ll call the police. They’ll know how to help you.

Unknown Lady: NO! Don't call the police. Please don't call the police. Can't you just give me a shirt or something to cover up with?

Lisa:  Maybe I could call someone else for you, then. Your parents or someone? I don't think I should open the door this time of night. I don't know you.
The fear is gone from the voice and is replaced by anger. The voice sounds much older and had a hard edge to it.
Unknown Lady:  NO! To hell with you then, Bitch. I'll go somewhere else. Someone will help me.

Footsteps of what seemed to be more than one person are heard leaving the porch.  Lisa turns away from the door shaking her head. She heads toward the kitchen. Suddenly she stops and looks at her phone. She starts dialing.  The phone is on speaker. 
911 Operaror:  Hello, this is 911. What is your emergency?
Lisa:  I think I need the police department. There was a girl on my porch that claims someone was trying to rape her.

911 Operaror: Hold on, please. I’m connecting you with the police. 

Sargent Harrison: Sargent Harrison speaking. May I have your name please?

Lisa: This is Lisa Grayson at 388 Rosemond Ave. I need to report a girl that was just here saying someone was trying to rape her and had ripped her shirt off. I’m here by myself, and I was scared to let her in. Can you send someone to check it out. She’s probably going next door. There's an older couple who live there. They may let her in.

Sargent Harrison: I’m sending Officer Wilson out to take your statement. We'll send a car to patrol that area. You did the right thing. There has been a rash of home invasions in the city recently. These people work in pairs. If you had opened the door, they would have shoved their way in and overpowered you. They will probably move on to another neighborhood, because they can’t be sure you haven’t alerted us.

Lisa hangs up and moves toward the hallway, once again muttering to herself.  
Lisa: Wow! I’m glad I didn’t open that door. I’d better hurry and get dressed. No more sleep for me tonight. I hope the officer he's sending is nice.  Hmm... Maybe even cute and single. I wonder if I should make coffee.

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Based on a true event. Don't open your front door at night unless you know the person.
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