Self Improvement Non-Fiction posted September 24, 2023

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Proactive patience

by Jesse James Doty


By being proactive my patience permits perseverance.

Two months ago, I woke up and felt my neck crack and thought for sure that I had broken my neck. That is because, On May 15, 2020, I broke my neck in my bathroom and had emergency surgery to correct the break.

This time I went to the ER and had a CAT-Scan and an MRI, and they found that I didn’t break any bones.  They said I had a pinched nerve and inflammation of the spinal column.

They referred me to the same Neurosurgeon who had fixed my neck back in 2020.  She suggested before having surgery I have an injection in the back of my neck.  After considering the risk factors I agreed to having it done.

I found out that the pain clinic was booked solid until January of next year.  No way I want to wait that long with this severe pain.

After hearing that the injection in my neck would not happen until next year in January or later, I was determined to do something other than wait endlessly for a shot which might not even help.

I decided to be proactive by calling my surgeon to discuss having spinal surgery instead of choosing a temporary fix to my problem.

While I wait for my Neurosurgeon to decide when I will need spinal surgery, I continue to exercise patience.

I persevere each day by doing necessary exercises with my upper arms lifting light weights to increase my upper body strength.

I am still moving in my wheelchair around my apartment as best as I am able. I only leave the apartment to go see my Neurosurgeon or other important places where I need to be seen in person.

The rest of the time I stay inside looking out of my fifth-story window. 

And what a view it is, looking out over the trees and seeing birds flying by. Watching the sun rise every morning showing glorious colors as the dark sky turns into dawn. 

I enjoy my time alone.  My alone time offers me pleasurable feelings of serenity.  Just laying back while listening to my favorite music or audiobook gives me a sense of oneness with the universe.

I find I have the time to do these enjoyable things because I am proactive with making phone calls and writing letters to encourage those around me to make progress.

Progress towards my ultimate goals of easing my pain and walking unaided, after Physical therapy helps me to regain my equilibrium to stand proud.

After all these years, I am finally feeling good about myself.  My mind and body feel aligned with a connection I have searched for, and I will never stop working on my pride and resilience.

So being proactive in patiently waiting for my lifetime goals is the best way I know to persevere in becoming whole in body, mind, and spirit.



For those who don't already know, I canceled my knee surgery. My severe neck pain comes first.
Thanks for reading.
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