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Costa Rica

Pura Vida in my mind

by Iza Deleanu

    My sense of place is that Eat, Pray, Love kind of place. I found it last year in a resort called Riu Guanacaste, a seafront location on Mata Palo Beach. This place brings so much tranquillity and joy. My room did not see the ocean, but from the corner of the hallway, I always caught glimpses of the sun setting down for his beauty sleep. I have never been able to see the sunrise because it was coming from behind the mountain, but I still love the glittering reflection on the crest of the waves. What do I love most about this place? I love that you can take a walk early in the morning and watch how the birds catch their breakfast and see little monkeys running up the trees close to the mountain. Sometimes they stop for a second to tell you about their morning adventure. This place has the mark of an Eden Garden. Everything is so colourful and quiet. I love the contrast of the black beach that drapes the green close to the resort and the mountain, and then like a curious child deepening its toes in the white embroideries of the crashing waves. Man, this is my kind of place.

I remember it was November when I couldn’t bear the heartache and decided to come here. I booked my trip at the last minute … right on Christmas. I paid an arm and a leg for it, but it was my best decision ever. I needed a place to be alone. I needed a place to enjoy the delicious tropical food, pray for my sanity, and reset my life in the new light of being me, hand in hand with God’s wonder.

           I wished… God provided the best place on earth, my lovely Costa Rica. I thought I would feel strange being alone, but you cannot feel lonely. That place is filling you all. The wind is ruffling your hair and brushing your skin. The ocean is playing hide and seek with your body. I was amazed to watch how the trills of the birds would break from time to time the symphony of the waves. 
    The resort is near a  natural park with zip lines flying above the beach on top of the mountain. Sometimes, somebody scared of the craziness of hanging upside down in the air would burst into screams and then in joy: “Yes, I did it! I am the king of the world. I will go for another dive!”

           Have I talked about the water yet? You will expect the ocean to be colder than the Caribbean Sea. Well, I suppose you might be wrong. The water in December is pleasantly warm. If you like surfing, you got the waves! I tried to swim several times but got severely crushed to the shore. Still, I didn’t give up. I noticed the best time to swim is before the tide covers the beach with its majestic watery clock or when it returns to the ocean in the morning. I loved walking in the sunset and taking pictures of the waves and nature. Every evening was different: same place, but other light or shade.
  I love this country so much. It indeed has that Pura Vida vibe. People here are always happy and smiling. This is my secret place, and I am going again this year. I am returning to leave my sorrow and loss and embrace the new ME. I want to immerse myself in the Pura Vida code of honor. I want to become one with the ocean and be reborn like the little Mermaid in a happy ME.


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