General Fiction posted July 10, 2023

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two funny men

La Bamba

by Iza Deleanu

"Hello, my friend, I lost the end of our meetings!"

"That is okay, and we will meet again this year under the stars and moon."

"What the heck is wrong with us, man? Why are we speaking in rhymes like freaking demoiselles in distress? We are two grown-up men who decided to meet yearly in the same country on the same beach to catch up."

"Two perfect strangers that landed at the same airport. One from eastern Canada and the other one from the west. Two different styles of life and season with exotic places as a hobby."

"Yup, and we are not a couple. I see people rolling their eyes when we have breakfast in the morning. I like to watch them puffing and huffing!"

"I think the rainbow guys took over our friendship. Now two guys walking are automatic, you know what..."

"I feel today transgender! Like I have this dress I want to wear just for fun with my cowboy hat. Can I do it? I like to see the locals crossing and say Dios Mio!"

"Ha, ha, ha, I never took you for a joker. After all, you are from the most conservative province of Canada. I was expecting this type of behavior from Moia! We are officially the most excentric people from this country."

"Man, I love Costa! It's the best country in the world. I totally get why they call their lifestyle Pura Vida!"

"I am so happy that I found somebody with the same passion for nature. I really love our escape from the winter. I have the most beautiful time when I am with you looking at the sunset, and we dive in the warm waters glittering like crazy merman under the sun."

"I work like crazy all year just to enjoy a week in paradise. If I had the courage, I would leave everything behind and live here."

"Me too. I think deep down in my heart yo soy marinero.

"Eric, what the heck, man, you cannot be sailorman!"

"Wow, it's that what I've said?

"Yup, you better stick to the cervesas and the pina coladas."
"Cheers, amigo! Bamba la Bamba!"

Dialogue Only Writing Contest contest entry


I love Costa Rica, so enjoy this little story:) I wish for the genre to be something like travel or pura vida:)
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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