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National Banana Day

by jmdg1954



The National Day Calendar supports more then 1,500 daily events over the twelve month period and is the #1 trending topic of all time on social media. This National Day Calendar offers a powerful media mix of digital, radio, social media and television news platforms that reach an engaged audience of celebrators across the United States and around the globe.

Last week I observed with you, National Grill Cheese Day. Monday appearing on television was FanStory writer, Kaiku with Olivia Fierro on Good Morning America.

Today, April 19, listed among others, we celebrate :  National Banana Day

Bananas are believed to have originated in Southeast Asia, primarily, India, around 339 BC. They made their way west over the centuries eventually ending up in Europe. By the 1870s, bananas made their way to the Caribbean with missionaries, where the bananas were originally used for micro crops, which means growing one crop that helps another crop to grow.

Throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s, they became more affordable and less exotic when in 1904 the banana split originated in Latrobe, Pa.. Legend has it that Latrobe pharmacy owner David Strickler sliced a banana in two, added scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, three kinds of flavored toppings, and whipped cream. What’s not to love about a Banana Split?

Bananas also make a delicious and healthy additive to milkshakes or smoothies; they can be sliced up and put on top of a bowl of cereal; or they can be mashed up and put into pancakes. 

This is how I do it. How about you?

  • Prepare your favorite pancake batter.
  • Take a ripened, peeled banana, mash it in a bowl, add two or three tablespoons of heavy cream, sprinkle cinnamon and blend together. 
    I sometimes add a package of apple flavored instant oatmeal.  
  • After you drop your measured pancake batter on the griddle, spoon some mashed mixture onto the pancake, flip when the bottom is golden brown.

Don’t forget an ample amount of butter and maple syrup, and voila! breakfast is served.

I enjoy - breakfast for dinner - where I’ll prepare the pancakes and also cook a few scrambled eggs and bacon (or breakfast sausage).


Absolutely! Besides being tasty, bananas contain fiber, protein, potassium, vitamin C and B-6, manganese and more.

Bananas become creamy when blended, therefore are ideal for smoothies and protein shakes. Personally, I enjoy blending my ripened banana with orange Gatorade. For a few variations of flavor, I may add a spoonful of peanut butter or Nutella, or a few ounces of heavy cream, strawberries or blueberries if available, ice cream to finish off the container, cinnamon or cardamom, the diversity is endless. Add what is appealing to your tastebuds!

Chocolate covered bananas are very popular. Be sure to peel and skewer the fruit before freezing to dip in your favorite melted chocolate.

What most of us don't know is that we're totally overlooking one of its best quality—and tossing it in the trash… the banana peel. Try not to "slip” on this fact (pun intended).

The peels are completely edible and contain nutritional benefits. This sounds peculiar, right? The banana's flesh is soft and sweet, while its skin is thick, fibrous, and slightly bitter. It's off-putting and seems just the kind of thing you should toss.

To eat the peel, you can either blend it into smoothies or fry, bake, or boil them for at least 10 minutes. Heat breaks down the skin's fiber and loosens up that tough texture. This makes the peel easier to chew and digest. Also, the riper you allow the banana to get, the thinner and sweeter the peel becomes.

Last but not least, the banana has been featured in two of my favorite oldies -

  • Day O [The Banana Boat Song] (1956) by Harry Belafonte
  • Yes, We Have No Bananas (1923) by Louis Prima, later by Jimmy Durante

Thank you and I hope you found this segment very a-peeling! Oh I crack myself up…



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