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A Mango and Bert Story

Hickory, Dickery & Dock Escapade

by jmdg1954




Mango is a five-year old Beagle attending Faducah Falls Elementary School. Her teacher, Mrs. Snodwhimple, a three foot tall owl with thick framed glasses was about to assign the weekends homework.

"Class, listen up," she said. "I have a writing assignment for the weekend I think you will enjoy." Mrs. Snodwhimple clapped her feathered limbs in excitement. “I want you to," she paused for emphasis, "write a story based on a nursery rhyme."

The class all together let out a collective groan.

A few minutes later the 3:00PM bell rang and school was over. Mango burst through the school doors and onto the playground where she found Bert waiting for her. 

Bert is an eleven-year-old Saint Bernard who happens to be Mangos best friend and happily walks her home everyday.

“You seem really happy, Mango,” Bert said.

“Yeah, we have a neat homework assignment due Monday. I can’t wait to get started,” Mango replied. 

. . . . . . .

The next morning, Mango sat down to a delightful breakfast of kibble pancakes smothered in beef gravy.

"Have you given your nursery rhyme story some thought, Mango?" asked Momma Beagle.

"Oh I did, Momma. I wrote it last night in bed, under the covers with my flashlight. Would you like to hear it?"

"I would love to hear it, Mango. Did you think I would say no?"

Mango took a deep breath. "Okay. Here goes..."

. . . . .

Hickory, Dickory, Dock!
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
The mouse ran down,
Hickory, Dickory, Dock!

Momma and Poppa Mouse lived inside the walls of a quiet little house with their family, Hickory, Dickory and Dockerella. 

Hickory and Dickory were twin boys and a wee bit older than their sister, Dockerella, or Dock for short. The boys were full of energy and would often scamper down the walls and around all corners. Sometimes they would venture out from a mouse hole and enter the house searching for different adventures not possible inside the walls.

Dock was more reserved than the boys. She enjoyed staying behind to read a good book.

One day Dickory was teasing Dock, calling her a bore and a goody two-paws. Dock began to cry. Momma Mouse heard everything.

"Dickory, what's going on. Why are you teasing your little sister? You know better then to do that to her. Go to your room immediately. And no video games."

"But, Momma," Dickory started to say.

"No buts! Go! And don't come out of your room until you've thought about what you did."

As Dickory walked to his room he passed Dock, and mumbled under his breath, Girls... Yuck.

"Momma, did you hear that? Dickory called me yuck."

Momma was already busy scrubbing laundry in a basin. She didn't hear a thing. Dockerella stuck her tongue out at her big brother.

A little while later Poppa came home. He and his friend were out gathering food for their families. It was their job to go out every day and look for food. Sometimes Poppa would find crumbs of bread, rice or flour. One time he came home with rainbow colored cotton candy. The family was very excited that day.

He put down his findings and gave Momma a kiss, and asked, "Where are the kids? It's much too quiet in here."

"Dickory is being punished, again for teasing Dock. Dock is sitting on the rocker reading a book and Hickory is..." Momma looked around. "Hickory is..." Suddenly frantic, Momma yelled, "Hickory. Hickory, where are you?"

Hickory was nowhere to he found. Momma looked in his room, in his bed and under it. She looked down each length of their wall. Nothing! "Where the dickens did he go?"

"Momma, I'm sure he's alright. Just being an adventurous boy. He'll be back when his belly gets real hungry." Poppa went on. "Why I remember when I was a young'n, I would..."

"Oh shush with your stories for a minute, Poppa, we gotta find Hickory."

"We'll find'em. Don't twist your whiskers. Dickory. Dock. Come here a minute please. Momma needs your help."

Poppa explained the situation. When Dickory saw Momma all upset he said, "Momma, I'm pretty sure I know where Hickory is. We'll find'em. Right Dock?"

Dock didn't know but nodded her head anyway. She wanted to be big like her brother. "Want us to fetch him, Momma?" she asked.

"You two go get your brother," Poppa said. "I'll stay here with your Momma. Don't be long."

The two mice started off down the wall with Dickory leading the way. Soon they came to the mouse hole in the wall.

"Let me take a look first," Dickory said sticking his head through the hole. "Everything looks quiet. I don't see Festor the Cat. Come on, Dock."

Dickory squeezed through the crack first. "I'm right behind you," Dock said. Her little heart beat fast with excitement. She never ventured this far from her home and couldn't wait to tell her friend, Millie Mouse.

They ran as fast as their tiny legs would carry them over the thick, blue carpet. Dickory spotted what he was looking for.

"Look! He's over there in front of the tall clock. Let's go."

In the quiet surroundings, Hickory, Dickory and Dock listened to the steady beat of the clock.

Tick...Tock, Tick...Tock, Tick...Tock

Dock stood in awe of the clock. She'd never seen one before.

Tick...Tock, Tick...Tock, Tick...Tock

"Cool, isn't it? Doesn't it look like its alive?" Hickory said, standing next to Dock. "Come on, follow us."

Hickory, Dickory, Dock...

suddenly stood behind the clock. "Stick your head in this hole and look all the way up to the tippy-tippy-top."

"Wha... What's gonna happen if I do? You guys always tease me. Am I gonna get hurt?"

"Trust us," Hickory pleaded. "Go ahead, look. It's so neat."

Dock stuck her head inside and looked up. "Wow. What is that?"

Before either of her brothers could answer, Dock was over-run with adventure, squeezed through the hole and took off.

The mouse ran up the clock...

When Dock reached the top, she saw what was so amazing. "These wheels are so shiny."

"Slide down and ride the pendulum," Hickory yelled up to Dock.

"Really? I can do that? Neat."

Doc thought about it when suddenly "Bong!" went the clock.

The clock struck one...

The gong was just beside Dock's ear. She gave a loud scream.

The mouse ran down...

as fast as she could go. When she reached the bottom, her brothers were rolling with laughter.

"Come on, we gotta get back home," said Dickory.

That evening, at the dinner table, Momma and Poppa heard all about the adventure of,

Hickory, Dickory, Dock...

Though the twin brothers continued to tease Dockerella, they now had more respect for their courageous little sister.

The End
. . . . . . . .

"So, Momma, did you like it?"

"Mango," Momma said giving her little Beagle a hug, "that was absolutely wonderful. I am so proud of you."

"Thanks, Momma. Any more kibble pancakes?"


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