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How doing 'the heist' changed her life.

A chapter in the book The Amazing Heist


by aryr

The team members included Abby (Annabelle), Henry, Sally, Paul, Billy and Freddie. Wives include Belinda with Paul and Lucy with Freddie. They plan to pull an amazing heist. And they did.
Abby or rather Annabelle took the rest of the men and Sally to her place to divide the loot.

They did just that. They were due to divide up equally, Abby insisted.

With her share she decided she would open a small business. She loved paintings and would like to open a studio, an art gallery. She definitely had the space to do so.

The amount came to just under $3,000,000.00 each. That's right, just under three million each. With that amount she could convert the ground floor to what ever she wished it to be. She could be independently wealthy. She could do what ever she wanted to. She had converted the bottom floor into a studio which she could move upstairs, thus leaving Andrew to continue his wire sculpture and watch as he sold her paintings and crafts.

She didn't have any preconceived idea about how she had conceived it. They all had insurance, they were insured.

She had the blueprints set out before her. She could do anything she wanted. The blueprints told the story of her new design.

Her plans were to move her apartment upstairs, leaving the ground floor to house her paintings, her crafts. She had plans to leave Andrew in charge of every thing should he decide not to but if he did there would be no hard feelings, what so ever. By leaving Andrew in charge she would be eliminating a second or third party. If Andrew chose not to remain, she would have no choice but his interest would be harmed. She would definitely shut him down.

Next we will investigate Sally and Billy.

Now read further to find out how this affected their lives.
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