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A letter from God

Dear Wayne

by Wayne Fowler

Dear Wayne,

I have written in response to your letter for a couple of reasons: One, because you took the trouble to write me and I feel that a well-written letter deserves a response; and two, because I know how you are prone to mis-remember and/or misconstrue concepts that I place in your consciousness.

First of all, I wish to thank you for your well-constructed prose. I acknowledge your humility and unpretentiousness. I chuckle, but thank you also for your concern over my well-being. Yes, all is as it should be here in heaven. Perhaps that all is not quite so well on earth gave rise to your inquiry. It is understandable.

Now, before we get into the particulars of your missive, I’d like to take the opportunity to provide a little enlightenment. I am not Santa Claus. You do not provide me a list of wishes and wants. And neither do you hang an oversize stocking on the mantel for me to mysteriously fill with unrequested, but slightly expected, goodies.

I give you what I know that you need. And I fill your cup to overflowing with blessings. You have no idea the sadness it brings to see my people toss those blessings aside as so much Easter grass, the shredded paper you use in baskets of candy, as you root for treasures. I am aware that on occasion, your spiritual eyes grasp the value of things unseen, but still…

So, I’ll tackle your wish list in the order you have established.

Aunt Mabel – If you will recall, I said that people could generally count on seventy years of life, eighty with strength. That, of course, is a generalization, and with people’s behavior… Anyway, your aunt Mabel will be ninety-one on her next birthday. You do realize that for people to die, something has to quit working: heart, liver, onions… Sorry, that was a joke. I’m not offended that you ask for Mabel to live to see her sixth great, great granddaughter, but please don’t get mad, or think I don’t love you any more if she doesn’t make it. It’s not like little Chrysanthe will miss seeing her. Oh, the names you people come up with. Mercy!

Your truck – You want it to last until you can afford to replace it. I don’t suppose you recall me nudging you to change the oil three thousand miles ago? Check 2nd Timothy chapter 1, verse 7. I expect you to use your head, or your feet if you insist on being left afoot.

The suffering at the train wreck site – Your expressed fear that calamity is ever present at every turn. Again, look at the aforementioned scripture. Don’t be scared. And again, use your head. I’m not the one making and unmaking your safety rules.

The loss of life and human tragedy in the earthquake areas of the world – Your concern is laudable. The loss of life is tragic. I won’t minimize that. I won’t here get into the geo-political realities. But I have two points important for you to know. One, are you doing any sacrificial giving to assist those working to take my saving grace to the world? And two, leaders will be held to account for their decisions and actions. Corruption with respect to building codes is included in that remark.

Ukraine – Frankly, Wayne, I’m somewhat chagrined that you made this your fifth priority, behind Aunt Mabel and your truck. Please understand that there are workings that are above your paygrade. Know too, that our adversary is unspeakably evil. And it is far easier to destroy than to build.

Your neighbor’s son’s safety, him being a smoke-spotting pilot – Wayne, it’s okay, perfectly fine, for you to pray for people’s safety, healing, and well-being. I want to be clear on that point. But I also need you to understand that all things, regardless as to how they look to you, work together for good for those who love me and are called according to my purpose. You do not see but the tiniest speck of the plan. In fact, you often dismiss that there is even a plan at all.

Now let’s, just for the fun of it, play out your request. Your neighbor’s son goes home every day after work. He fathers a child who would not be born, who then affects someone’s life that you would never know. That person then interferes with… Well, you get my point, which is you have not the slightest concept of the ramifications of the smallest actions. Think of the flapping wings of the butterfly off the African coast and a Caribbean hurricane.

Wayne, your job is to do the right thing, to be merciful, and to walk in humility. For the most part… Well, I’ll leave what I want to tell you on that for another conversation.

In closing, let me say that I encourage you to walk the path I have laid out for you in the light I have given you. Be careful not to stumble as there still exists that one I mentioned earlier who would trip you up if he could. Run after me when you can, and rest in my presence when you are able. We’ll talk again, and I’ll see you soon.

Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to… Wayne? just an expression. Wayne? Take a breath, there Wayne. Just an expression.

A Letter from God contest entry


This is fictional.
For those of you who feel that I have crossed the line of sacrilege, please rest assured that God is big enough to deal with the likes of me.
There are many scriptures applicable to this piece, but the one I want to emphasize is Micah 6:8 - He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
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