General Fiction posted January 25, 2023

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Life of a loner.

I Like It That Way

by prettybluebirds

I've always been alone. I vaguely remember someone loving me long ago; perhaps it was my mother. I must have had a mother; everyone does. Right? I'm sure I have siblings, too, but we haven't seen one another for years, and that's fine with me. It doesn't matter one way or another. I'm alone, and I like it that way.
Oh, sure, I get lonesome at times. When I do, I might look up a lady friend and maybe spend some time together. It depends on the lady's mood more than me, how long we hang out with one another. I don't encourage females to stay because I'm a footloose sort of fellow and seldom remain in one place for extended lengths of time. I have no desire to become part of a family.
There's really no place I call home. Sometimes I hole up in a farmer's barn, or I might sleep in the open if the weather is warm. Other times, I look for an open garage door or shed if I find myself in a town or city, even if it is a bit risky. It's better than mingling with those who have no use for me. 
Dogs are the curse of my life. I guess one can't blame them for doing their job, but they sometimes make my life miserable with their big mouths. A stranger in their territory is fair game as far as they are concerned, and they have almost got my ass shot a couple of times. Dogs are trouble, but I have my ways of dealing with them. No, I don't do them bodily harm, but I make sure they will never forget me and think twice about whom they pick on the next time.
I know I'm not a popular fellow, but I don't give a damn whether anybody likes me or not. Even those who have some compassion for me are not foolish enough to tell me so, at least not up close. I prefer to be left alone and am not afraid to let anyone know it in no uncertain terms. Leave me to my solitary existence, and we will get along fine.
My life as a male skunk is lonely at times, but I like it that way.

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