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Alone - Contest

A chapter in the book One Thousand Cranes

Dark Skies

by Gypsy Blue Rose

Day and night merge together in my dark and gloomy room. It feels like a tomb. I haven't seen people in ten years and I almost have given up hope.

Most of all, I miss human touch. I have come to the conclusion that touch is almost as important as air or water. Loneliness could kill me slowly. I go on for months without talking out loud but I hear voices in my head. At times I feel like I am losing my mind, I hear my mother and my children calling me but they died long ago.

I am ashamed to admit that in the beginning I collected mannequins and treated them like people, but on one especially rageful day, I burned them all. I get angry a lot. I continuously go through the cycle of grief ... denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Feelings can be overwhelming. I found out that crying helps a lot.

I have almost forgotten the sound of my voice. For a while, I had conversations with my plants but they didn't last long after the WWIII atomic bomb. As far as I know, the bomb killed almost every living thing on Earth, and the few who survived died during the nuclear winter. I was lucky to have an underground shelter. My neighbors thought I was crazy when they saw me building it but I got the last laugh. After I came out of the shelter, I searched for other survivors but eventually, I stopped.

I used to complain about big crowds. I'm an introspective person and after my divorce, I enjoyed serenity and solitude. Now, I would give anything to find other people, even just one.

I ask God why he spared me and although I don't hear His response, I get a warm feeling inside and a small light of hope. Perhaps my purpose is to populate the Earth. So I will continue searching for a man or a sperm bank. Not sure how that would work but I have the time to figure it out.


dark skies
follow me wherever I go —
thunder is my companion

Alone Writing Contest contest entry

NUCLEAR WINTER is the environmental devastation that scientists contend would probably result from the hundreds of nuclear explosions in a nuclear war.

WORLD WAR III or the THIRD WORLD WAR, are names given to a hypothetical worldwide large-scale military conflict

SPERM BANK --Do-it-yourself insemination is pretty straightforward, according to Fertility Authority. Sperm banks provide a syringe for placing the sperm next to your cervix, on or around the time of ovulation.

Thank you very much for reading my story.

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