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A children story

Raggedy Ant

by poetwatch

Once upon a time, the snow clears and the sun turns golden in the sky, the entire colony is going out to work, but Raggedy Ant wants to play. While the rest of the ants march right, she goes the other way and turns left. Raggedy Ant has a mind of her own that says;
"I want something new, something sweet to eat."

The path leads her into a green garden with freshly cut grass and the smell of a fire. As she leans to pick up a leaf, out of the blue comes down a big old shoe that presses her into the ground.

With her body crushed, she straightens up as much as she can. Her hair is a mess her clothes are in tatters. She is bent, battered, and somewhat blind. Her sense of direction is at a loss and that's because her antennae are misaligned. She can't even step to the music, for it doesn't sound right. With the sun in her eyes, she bumps into this and into that. She walks in complete disorder struggling with her load, but not in line. She is very sad and hides her eyes behind some sunglasses she finds.

The other ants are marching in time, singing, and doing just fine. Then, the family notices that Raggedy Ant is walking out of line. They all come to help, but her antennae are crooked and out of place. When one in the family tries to reach her, their words come out all wrong.

Raggedy Ant starts to cry. She is lost and feels alone in a world turned upside down by a big old shoe.

When the Queen hears one of her daughters is hurt, she calls her to her side, but Raggedy Ant doesn't know if she should go. The Queen orders the soldiers to bring her.

The soldiers find her lost in the grass, pick her up, and without saying a word march her toward the Queen. Not knowing what to expect and guarded by two soldiers, again Raggedy Ant starts to cry. The soldiers bring her to their Queen and then stand by the Queen's side.

"Why do you cry, Raggedy Ant?" asks the Queen.

Raggedy Ant looks at her with tears in her eyes and says,
"It wasn't my fault. I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time." Then she tells the Queen the whole story.

The aged, but lovely Queen has a heart made in heaven. As she listens to Raggedy Ant's story, she gets a thought. "Maybe now she will use her antennae and listen to what is told to her."

"Raggedy Ant, do not cry. I may be able to fix your problem." She commands both soldiers to each side of Raggedy Ant.

"Soldiers, each of you grab an antenna and pull!"

Raggedy Ant stands still and then she smiles. The light from a new day makes her throw her glasses away. As the darkness fades, she understands and goes her merry way.

The moral of this story:
Those that love you can solve any problem big or small if you listen to what they say. They care for you. You do not have to face it alone.

This is a story created from a drawing by Debra White's daughter. The words just came to me. I couldn't get the picture to paste. I tried different times and ways. If can see the picture on Debra's post:
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