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Did Pat Rogers threaten Alexandra?

A chapter in the book Quiet Lawyer

Quiet Lawyer Chapter 27 A

by barbara.wilkey

Nothing mends a broken heart, like someone wonderful giving you theirs. Will Cordero give his heart to Alexandra? If he does, will she accept it? Will Alexandra discover who she is?
Cordero and Alexandra met 49 days ago.


"No other reason than so many other things came up I never got around to it." After taking a bite of ice cream, Cordero said, "I'm sure it was good to have a long talk with your dad."

"It was. We talked about how peaceful it is here, how nice the people are, and how much I enjoy being here." She hesitated. "I told Dad how much I enjoyed making Rogers accountable for everything he's done."

"Did he mention it wasn't corporate law?"

"He did but dropped it at that." Alexandra's eyes sparkled. "I told Dad we're dating."

Cordero chuckled. "I'm pretty sure he'd already figured it out."

She leaned into his arm. "I mentioned that you treat me like I'm special."

"That's because you are special."

"He said the same thing."

Cordero's kiss lingered as did the next few. He released a deep breath. "I think I'd better deliver you to your room."



Chapter 27 A

Late Friday morning, as Cordero parked his pickup in front of Dr. Barnes' office, Alexandra said, "I received a text from Lisa. Would it be possible for me to have lunch with the ladies?"

Cordero glanced at Jim. When Jim nodded agreement, Cordero grinned. "Sure. We'll have lunch together." When Alexandra frowned, he added, "Don't worry we won't listen to your conversation." He teased, "You can tell me about it later."

After Bart declared Alexandra almost healed, they stopped by the courthouse where she scheduled Amy's child support case for Tuesday afternoon at one o'clock.

When they entered the diner, Cordero helped Alexandra to the table where the other three ladies were already seated. He held her chair while she sat and then greeted the others before he pecked her cheek, and then pointed. "Have fun. Jim and I'll be way over there." He winked as he left.

Alexandra watched him leave. He's a hunk.

"Admiring the scenery?" teased Rebecca.

Pink tinged Alexandra's cheeks. "No. I was wondering where Lisa is."

Nancy smiled. "We don't believe you." She hesitated. "Lisa had a wedding cake to deliver. She'll be here any minute."

"Should we order or wait?" asked Caridad.

The waitress stopped at their table, and Rebecca said, "Maybe we'll order drinks and when Lisa arrives order lunch."

After the drinks were ordered, Lisa rushed in. "What have I missed?"

"Nothing except Ali staring at Mr. Dreamy's rear-end," teased Caridad.

Alexandra turned bright red. "That's not true. I was wondering where you were."

Nancy shook her head. "That was her story when we caught her, but she was admiring the scenery."

After they ordered, Alexandra asked, "Is it a big wedding?"

"Big for Lobo. The church's dining area was decorated in white roses. It was really pretty." Lisa studied Alexandra. "You're the closest to any of us getting married. Have you thought about what your wedding would be like?"

"I bet she'll be married in that huge church in New York, what's its name? Oh yeah, St. Patrick's Cathedral," interrupted Caridad.

"It is a beautiful cathedral, but I'm not Catholic," said Alexandra. She hesitated. "Honestly, I'd want a small private, intimate wedding, only immediate family and close friends. Not big at all."

"Would you want a big reception then?" asked Rebecca.

"No again, small and intimate. I guess I feel a wedding's personal. Two people are pledging their love for each other. I think that's personal."

Lisa thought for a moment. "I never thought of it like that, but it's true."

Nancy smiled. "For your honeymoon, you going to someplace like the French Riviera?"

Alexandra smiled. "Not even close. I want to go someplace private, away from everything. I want to be completely alone with my husband for a few weeks with no interruptions."

"Sounds romantic. What does Cord think about your plans?" asked Caridad.

Alexandra tilted her head. "The subject has never come up." She asked, "Nancy, what's your perfect wedding and honeymoon?"

The ladies continued their discussion until everyone had answered.

The ladies were listening to Lisa describe her wedding, when their heads turned toward a loud voice. "Well, well, well, it seems the five biggest whores and liars in Lobo are having lunch together."

Alexandra glared at him. "Mr. Rogers, if you don't like the company, maybe you should find someplace else to eat."

"Why would I do that? I just received notice we have a court date scheduled. Maybe if I listen to your gossip, I can find out what it's about."

"I'm sure you already know."

"I don't, since I never dated Amy Harding. How could I have fathered her child?" He pointed to where Cordero sat. "The guilty person is your lover boy."

Alexandra stood. "Sir, I'm pretty sure this is not the place to have this discussion. You'll have the opportunity on Tuesday at one o'clock." As Cordero moved closer, she motioned him to back away. "If you came here to eat, I suggest you have a seat and order. If not, I suggest you leave." She sat and faced her friends.

"Ortiz, I suggest you rein in your girlfriend before she gets hurt."

Sheriff Baily walked up and took his arm. "Rogers, that sounded like a threat to me. Why don't we take a walk and have a little discussion?" Leading him out of the diner, Sam said, "Ladies, have a nice rest of your lunch.

I intentionally left off the accents on fiance and fiancee. I also intentionally left off the trema or dieresis on naive. I didn't want Evil Eddie adding all sorts of strange characters in my post. Thank you for understanding.

Hola is Spanish for hello.

Mi hijo & Mijo are Spanish for son. Jorge uses them often.

Bendecido is Spanish for blessed.

Querido is Spanish for dear or sweetheart.

De nada is Spanish for no problem or you're welcome.

Rancho de los Toros Salvajes is Spanish for Wild Bull Ranch.


Cordero Ortiz: 'Cord' runs his parents' Texas ranch

Alexandra Black: 'Ali' is a New York City corporate lawyer, is a junior partner in huge family law firm

Jorge and Rosa Ortiz: Cordero's parents who own a large West Texas Ranch

Jim: One of the ranch foremen and best friend of Cordero. He takes care of the main house and surrounding ranch area.

Bob: One of the ranch foremen and good friend of Cordero. He works the entire ranch.

Pat Rogers: Bank owner, not a good person

Lester Brown: Pat Rogers lawyer

Sam Bailey: Lobo's Sheriff.

Dr. Bart Barnes: Town doctor

Judge Sean Pickett: County Judge

Tonia and Brent Black: Alexandra's parents

George Black Alexandra's grandpa

Luke: All around bad guy

Amy Harding: A lady who Pat Rogers raped during High School Prom, her son, Matthew

Alan Griffin Alexandra's ex



My next post will be Wednesday, 1/2d/23.

Thank you google images for an image of a small west Texas diner. Will Pat Rogers cause Alexandra harm? HMMM This post is a little over 700 words. I'm giving you a break from the two longer posts. Thank you for your kind reviews and the support you've given me.
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