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Callie Was Riding Grey Lady Today

Wearing The Tracks Colors

by country ranch writer

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

Callie was scared of the mean girls at the riding academy . We wore her new colors with pride to represent their stable. Green and white were the stables colors and she thought she was helping her Uncle Bart out for the summer. She could make some money he said,to keep up the her tuition for the rest of the year., or so she thought.
If she only knew what the louse was up to she would have totally refused. He was such a con ban he reminded her if an old sneaky three toed sloth.

He was known at the place for his greed p

for money, he'd con a monkey out of all his food just to be gluttony so none of the other monkey could have some.

The academy taught jumping and she was training to jump for the Steeple Chase Chase hoping to not knock the down poles this year.
Callie's Uncle Bart Claimed he'd be riding in the steeple chase.As the arena started to fill up Callie noticed a bunch of ladies sashaying around low cut outfits. They weren't the usual crowed throat usually came. These women were flaunting themselves at the grooms with lust come and try to get it written all over their face, they were pure ole street writes. Dates we're just as bad looking at the young girls with lust in their eyes also.The more they drank the louder and drunken they got. As the riders were getting under way. The group was caught and removed from the premices. Or so we thought.

After the first go round everyone to a well earned break, Unkle Bart was no where to be seen. While waiting to be called back for her turn to ride she took her horse for a walk to
Calm her and her self down. Some of the girls that were mean to her we're no where to be found either. Her Aunt was director and over the hits and association for humping horses, called out to Callie and said she would also walk with if she didn't mind. Callie,was glad to see a friendly face. They were walking and talking and enjoying themselves and we're almost to the end of the barns when Callie heard a sequel, they heard some one say I envy you if your old lady finds out what you do at these places. Callie's Aunt froze.she looked at Callie dumb- founded. Her face turned white as a ghost as she heard him laugh. Old money bags will never know and what she don't will never hurt her. The other man said sspdint keep everything to your share these bitches with meAnither man pipes up saying me too.
Slidig the door open they were can fighting amongst them selves they began getting in the sex act having an orgy.She whispered to Callie to go get help she would lick them in yill she got back.

Callie mounted her horse and made a beeline for the security office and called the police.

With in minutesa they were there with a paddy wagon. Callie was meeting her dad atthe horse barn to catch a ride home and bring the horse trailer since Uncle Bart was no where's to be found after the race was over.Callie and her Aunt made excuses for him not showing up.Callies Aunt say shed be over in the morning to explain to them but for now they'd not talk about it, hugging Callie her Aunt back to the office like nothing happened. It wasn't the first time he's gotten caught with his pants down in compromising positions.

Pick Two writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
The Seven Deadly Sins are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.
Pick Two. Include them in your story. Minimum 500 words, Maximum 5000 words.

Glurony and greed seem to be in the running in this story so they are my two words that stand out in this.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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