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What do I like best about woman

A chapter in the book Heart Crafted Poems - 2023

Best attributes of my bride

by JLR

What do like best about a Woman? Contest Winner 
Else I crash upon the rocks of the shoals of troubling words
I write from the deepest pools of life-giving waters that have
guided me throughout thirty-nine years of marriage.

Because the attributes of what I believe are those
that I like best about a woman are my perceptions
and uniquely mine
that would encompass the culmination of
a life-worth-living relationship with my bride,

Who is ...
A woman of great integrity,
who possesses values which she adheres to no matter what,

A woman who is gracious,
Who does things automatically out of the goodness of her heart,
seeking no reward or recognition,

A woman who does not seek to change me
But rather, inspires me to be a better version of me,

A woman who is nurturing,
But please don't confuse this with "taking care of"
or mothering,

A woman who values self-care
Who stays the course to make herself feel good,
look good,
be refreshed
and focused,

A woman who is not of the jealous type
who values trust in our relationship,

A woman who brings laughter into our relationship
who can just as easily laugh at herself as at life's

A woman who is forgiving
that allows me to squeeze, not roll
the tube of toothpaste,

A woman who is fun to be around
that still holds my hand and lets
me open doors for her

A woman who is not vindictive
nor holds grudges and lays blame.

A woman of compassion
who has been trusted with my deepest and darkest pain.
A "safe place" to lay my head,

A woman who displays great kindness,
one of her most incredible qualities,

A woman who encourages others
offers words that help and support to
they and I to accomplish things we would
never attempt on our own,

A woman who is loyal.
Simply stated, "She has my back."
Through thick and thin times,

A woman who always seeks to be better,
who accepts what she can not change
about herself but always strives
for self-improvement,

Quite simply,
These are what I like best about
a woman, my bride!

What do like best about a Woman?
Contest Winner



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