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God knows

The big picture

by Wendy G

Faith Flash Fiction Contest Winner 

In a strange set of circumstances, my sister Linda had badly broken her foot, with shards of bone torn off, and also significant ligament and tendon damage.

Five months later it was not healing; the doctor shook his head sadly, saying she had a “big problem”. She couldn't accept never walking again without pain and resolved to change her medical team.

A different physiotherapist and hydrotherapy brought immediate and significant improvement.

However, she had headaches, and became increasingly exhausted – was this chronic fatigue? One day, half an hour’s drive from home, she experienced double vision.

Driving was dangerous. She saw four lanes, not two: two red cars approaching, not one. If she pulled over, would she be on the footpath? She saw two parking lanes, and two footpaths. She checked for pedestrians.

Linda stopped, hoping her vision would clear. It didn’t. Putting on the hazard lights, she struggled home.

She needed a doctor – a different one. After trying several medical centres, unsuccessfully, her husband drove her to another, and Linda asked if there was a lady doctor. Strange question, as she’d never had a lady doctor. There was. Linda could see her within minutes.

The doctor ordered extensive urgent blood tests. She prescribed a very high dose of steroids, and within a week Linda saw a specialist. An appointment had become available because of some-one’s cancellation. A biopsy confirmed a rare but serious disease. The specialist doubled the dose to twice the maximum for her weight - which resulted in the immediate onset of steroid-induced diabetes.

The arteries to her eyes were highly inflamed, in danger of blocking. If the blood supply closed off, she would become immediately and irreversibly blind. Her blood results indicated she was within twenty-four hours of this. The arteries to the brain and heart had similar inflammation, with equal danger of stroke and heart attack.

The illness is rare; many doctors never encounter it during their lifetime. This doctor, from Iraq, had done medical training in London, with a specialisation in this exact area. God directed Linda to her – available at that moment, and in her area of Australia for just a few months. Her sight was saved, and probably her life.

To counteract the effects of the high steroid dose she needed many other medications – and a six-monthly very expensive infusion. However, anyone with recent fractures was entitled to receive the infusion at minimal cost. Her broken foot!

We see God’s hand at work. Broken foot? Incompetent doctor?  God turns even bad things into blessings. We may not understand at the time; in retrospect we see His leading and guiding through what are apparently insignificant decisions. New physiotherapist, foot healed, new doctor, competent diagnosis, timely specialist and hospital treatment, low-cost infusion. Thank you to Him.

God sees the big picture. Linda - and I - can trust Him with each day, committing everything to Him for His leading and guidance. He makes no mistakes – such a loving, caring Father.


Faith Flash Fiction
Contest Winner



(500 words)

In all things God works for the good of those who love Him. (Romans 8:28)

In the last six years, I have become more understanding and caring regarding people with medical issues. These are significant and life-changing for them.
This is actually my own life story, made fictional to meet contest rules, by attributing the experience to a fictional sister Linda. I have no sister Linda. Other minor details have been changed as well to ensure it is fiction.
I had always been fit and healthy It is a big adjustment in one's thinking.
I am still on steroids, other meds and a weekly self-administered biologic infusion, as well as the six-monthly one. No diabetes now, pancreas has returned to normal functioning.

Each day is a gift, and I have always felt that God is watching over us, and providing ahead of time for all our needs.
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