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A chapter in the book The Chronicals Of Bethica: The Rise

The Chronicles of Bethica

by amahra

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

After dispensing gifts, the gods can only observe as the Thunder Guards, Nordoxz, and allies meet on the battlefield. Only one army will stand victorious.
Attention Readers: In chapter 19 (part 2), Barthod's attempt to kill Gangus fails. Nevertheless, he must keep his bargain with Nelchael, god of the Underworld, or all is lost.

At the end of chapter 19 (part 3), The two armies have exhausted each other with natural weapons of war and supernatural gifts from the gods. Now the two leaders, Lord Gangus Abrams and Emperor Vaganor must decide the fate of the other as they meet to battle each other for the final win.

Today's chapter

Chapter19 (part 4)
War of the Gods

The crowd stood silently as sweat burned their eyes like seawater and ran down their blood and dirt-stained faces. All around them were the stench of death, the groans of the dying, and the blur of colorful ragged war banners scattered about.

Gangus held his swords so tightly veins in his hands grew visible. Like so, the emperor gazed into his opponent's eyes, then raised the sword in his right hand, and with the tip of the blade, lifted the crown from his head and flung it aside.

The two great armies clenched their weapons and parted the field--giving Lord Abram and Emperor Vaganor room to battle. Quick thinking, the Gunji placed an invisible shield around the fighters to protect both from their soldier's interference.

Straightaway, the emperor charged Gangus with a forward swing and followed it with a backswing. Then he did the same with the blade in his left hand--forward swing, then quickly, a backswing. Gangus barely dodged the left blade and met the left with a forward swing of his own. Vaganor was surprised when the force of Gangus's swing drove him back, but not enough to knock him off balance which was what Gangus intended. Gangus smiled and made eye contact. Vaganor was impressed but bore no fear.

The emperor shouted as he lunged at Gangus again. The sparkles from their swords appeared like bright flashes of light, as the clanking sounds of their blades echoed across the field.

Vaganor advanced, slashing Gangus's arm. Gangus staggered back as the blood dripped off his hand. Gangus lifted his blade and brought it down on the emperor's sword so hard it drove Vaganor's heels into the mud.

Then Gangus rushed him, but dropped to his knees, rolled, and slashed the calf of Vaganor's left leg. Vaganor hopped about to gain his balance. Gangus made eye contact and smirked. The emperor ignored his pain and charged Gangus with a vengeance. He drove Gangus back, slashing and cutting so swiftly, Gangus was nearly beheaded twice.

Vaganor took a few seconds to catch his breath and then noticed Gangus bleeding badly. Vaganor grinned but became overconfident; he charged again--Gangus dodged, leaned forward, and stabbed the emperor in the side, just missing his heart. Vaganor crunched his face and fell to one knee, then scrambled to his feet--blood gushing from his side. Both men, dripping with blood, circled with their bloody blades extended. As the blades clashed, the onlookers prayed to their gods. When Gangus appeared to get the best of Vaganor, a Shaman spelled a wraith onto the field, but the Gunji spotted it and blasted it to dust. The Shaman sneered at the Gunji who flashed a crooked smile.

Black clouds formed over the field as blades clanked again and again with no sure winner. Then Brehira gasped when Gangus lost his footing in the mud and fell on his back. Vaganor rushed forward, stood over Gangus, and battled him relentlessly. Dinary made a break, but Brehira yanked him back.

Suddenly, Gangus plunged his blade between Vaganor's thigh and groin--causing him to drop one of his swords. Then quickly, before the emperor recovered, Gangus scrambled to his feet. Vaganor's nose flared, and his jaw tightened. Gangus charged him, and the continuous high pitch sound of the blades striking delighted the gods as each had a stake in the outcome.

Vaganor, fighting on one good leg, battled Gangus to no end. What's bloody holding him up? Vaganor thought, grinding his teeth. He charged Gangus but swung wildly, only nipping the top of his head. But Gangus replayed one of his strategies. As blood trickled from the nip on Gangus's head down the side of his face, he charged, dropped to his knees, rolled, and slashed the legs of the emperor. Several members of the Nordoxz army cringed as their leader crashed to the ground with nothing below his knees.

The gallant warrior that he was, Emperor Vaganor rose on bloody stumps. He wobbled and lifted his sword, determined to fight to the death, but Gangus slowly walked over, kicked the blade from his hand, and stood over him.

"You are right, Emperor. This war ends now." He beheaded the once invincible emperor of the Nordoxz--a nation that had caused much fear in the hearts of Bethicans and detriment to the divine gods. Gangus lifted the head on his sword to roaring cheers from his army.

The crown Vaganor had discarded lay shining among blood and guts. The Gunji lifted the magical shield, and Brehira ran out to greet her husband, with several soldiers following her.

Fueled with anger, Barthod fired a bolt of lightning at Gangus. Brehira, caught off guard, attempted to block it, but the lightning struck her, killing her instantly.

"Brehira!" Gangus screamed. He scooped her up in his arms, shook her, and repeatedly shouted her name.

"Mother!" Dinary screeched, running to his father's side.

The Gunji dropped his head--fearing it was his fault for not noticing the bolt in time. He looked tearfully over at Lady Brehira lying so still in the arms of his Lord.

Olatunji uttered a low growl between his gritted teeth. He shapeshifted into a Mastodon. Before Barthod could cast a spell, he charged the Shaman--stabbing him repeatedly with his tusk, then impaling him. He shook Barthod off his tusk, then fell upon him while he was yet alive and crushed him. Barthod screamed as his eyes popped out of his head; guts oozed from his body, and his blood snaked into the mud.

After shapeshifting back, Olatunji ran to Brehira and knelt beside her. He held her hand and wept. Celio had to pry him away.
Throughout Bethica, the news was bitter-sweet. Gangus was hailed as a hero, but the mood to celebrate was deferred. The love of his life was gone--an irreplaceable spark in his very existence had ceased. He would miss her ageless beauty, warmth, smile, and irrefutable wise counseling. Brehira had been the nation's Mother. They mourned her deeply and would miss her love and the way she cared for them in all matters.
The following day, thousands gathered.  Brehira appeared angelic as she lay upon the pyre dressed in white. Surrounded by red and white Dahliathus plants, she looked as if she were sleeping in a flower garden--her long raven hair resting just below her shoulders.  Tearfully, Gangus pulled his ruby ring from his finger and slid it onto her thumb.  Celio and Olatunji handed Gangus and Dinary torches.  They lit the pyre, and Ndornah, Melitah, and several women pushed it into deeper waters.
Moments later, Gangus, Dinary, and his wife, Princess Netrekka were respectfully left alone and watched the floating blaze move farther out to sea.  Gangus's face bore the pain of every sacrifice for the realm of Bethica and thought finally, the gods would grant them peace.  As for the Nordoxz, without their emperor or Shamans, they were said to have disappeared from Bethica--no one knew or cared where.
Meanwhile, high in the heavens, the gods had joined Raziel for a victory celebration. They sat adorned in exquisite garments with jeweled crowns upon their heads. Modiah, the goddess of music, played the lyre that accompanied dancers and a fifty-player chorus. The chorus repeated lines written by the goddess of epics that detailed the dramatic actions of Gangus, from the mighty winds of his staff to the beheading of the Emperor.

The music flowed as three of the deities declared arrogantly that only their gifts played a major role in saving Bethica. Goddess Dahlia gave credit to the Dedroyles and the gifts she bestowed upon Brehira. Stating further, she had rewarded Lady Abram with a castle in Elysium to await Gangus's immortal soul.

"Bah!" Gailzur bellowed. "The Drake would have burned Lord Abram to a crispy bite if it had not been for Celio's Sheild."

"Ha!" Zakzakiel snapped. "And what about my Fighting Machine and the necklace I gave him? Have you ever seen anything to match Dinary?"

"Oh, yes," Dahlia said, pretending to yawn. "Your little silver trinket with the emerald eyes. I nearly forgot."

"Trinket!?" Zakakiel shouted.

"Can't we even celebrate this victory without bickering?" Raziel pleaded. "Listen, let's say Lord Abram is a cake. Now, a cake needs important ingredients, does it not? Otherwise, it isn't a cake."

The goddess, Zakzakiel, and Gailzur looked at Raziel puzzlingly.

"But," Raziel continued, "you wouldn't put decorations on wheat, nuts, a dish of milk, or honey. You'd put  decorations on the cake."

"I think your explanation is blithely silly," Zakzakiel said, "but we receive its meaning."

"Good, then you'll agree...we all deserve this victory. So, let us lift our cups," Raziel said, lifting his jewel goblet. The goddess and the two gods lifted their goblets and drank to... "War of the Gods. Our victory!" Raziel bellowed.

"Our victory," the threesome repeated reluctantly, eying one another under their lashes.

The celebration continued as they agreed they all deserved the praise. Dahlia patted her feet to the music; Raziel clapped along while Gailzur and Zakzakiel tried to over-shout one another singing the Ballard of the Mighty Gangus song.

But as time wore on, Raziel found he was right back to refereeing as the threesome slowly gravitated to who did what to aid Gangus's victory.

"I still say Brehira, and don't dispute me!"

"It was Dinary, and I'll say it as often as I like!"

Deep within the kingdom of the Underworld, Barthod, hundreds of Shamans, Vaganor, and thousands of his warriors and allies stood before Nelchael.

"Well, Barthod," Nelchael announced,  "it seems you failed."

Barthod, a pile of squashed flesh, brains, and crushed bones--with a pair of eyeballs peeking out from the middle of the crimson goo, stared at Nelchael.

"Barthod, you bloody fool, what have you done?! What did you promise him?!" shouted Vaganor's severed head glaring up at him as it lay upon the surface--his fists pressed against the hips of his upright legless body.

"Whaaat? He did not tell you? He offered me Gangus and Bethica. But I don't have Gangus or I?" Nelchael asked, glaring at Barthod. "But you know me. When I'm bargained with, I always collect."

Nelchael raised his hand, and a dark swirling portal widely opened to a cage made of red-hot sizzling bars. Within the cage, stood multiple demons. The red balls of their eyes fixed on the numerous faceless, limbless, and shredded torsos that stood terrified before Nelchael. The Fallen Spirits growled and snarled; sparks flew from the bars as they impatiently scratched at them--eager to be set free.

Nelchael's lifeless eyes chilled the helpless multitude as his deepthroated laugh echoed throughout his gothic palace. He gave the command, and the bars disappeared in a flash.

The demon shadows leaped upon their prey, and there were blood-curdling cries and the gnashing of teeth as souls were ripped naked from their flesh and dragged screaming into torment.

Nelchael gleefully roared as he watched his kingdom swell.

End of chapter 19

Image: by Dantegrafice from Pixabay

Main Characters
Lord Gangus Abram Leader of his tribe
Lady Brehira (Bree here rah) His wife
Dinary (Deh nah ry) Youngest Son
Celio (Seal le o) Soldier and close friend
Princess Netrekka (Neh trek kah) Dinary's Lover/wife
Olatunji (O Lah Tune Gee) Cushite Soldier
Ndornah (N Door nah) Female Amazon Warrior of Domaria--a kingdom ruled by women
Melitah (Meh lee tah) Warrior/Ndornah's younger sister
Gangus's Staff Command Tierphenjinochun (Teer fen gin o tion)

Minor Characters
Khimah (Kee ma) Eldest Son
Captain Dulcy P Dordrecht (Door check) Captain of the Cristofur
Judian (Jew-dee-in) Second in Command of the Cristofur
Kofius (Ko fee us) The Sail Master
The Drake (like it's spelled) The menacing dragon
The Gunji (Gun-gee) A magical humanoid
Barthod (Bar-thod) A Shaman
Vaganor (Veh-gah-noor) Emperor of Nordoxz...enemy to Bethica and Raziel

The gods
Raziel (Ray-zeal) God of gods
Dahlia (Doll-lee'ah) Goddess of Domaria--a kingdom ruled by women
Gailzur (Gale-zore) God of War
Nelchael (Nell-key-ol) God of the Underworld
Zakzakiel (Zak zah keel) God of Peace

The Races
Volarians (Vo lar rians) (Humans) 'Gangus's tribe'
Timbakni (Tim-bach-knee) (Humanoid) K9 race, Devoted to Gangus and his tribe
Engamars (In ga mars) (Humanoids) aka, Red Beards 'Hate Aenwyns and Qu'Venars'
Aenwyns (An winds) (Humanoids) 'Adore Qu'Venars, hate Engamars'
Qu'Venars (Q' Vin nahs) (Humanoids) 'Adore Aenwyns can't tolerate the stubborn Engamars'
Nordoxz (Nor-docks) (Humanoid) 'Skin multi-colored like a serpent, Enemy to all, including the gods, except one'
Faerie (Far ree) (Another world) Origin of the Aenwyns'
Domarians (Doe mah rians) ( Amazon/Humans) A kingdom ruled by women'
Nekani (Neh cah knee) (Humanoids) Felion Race'


When Lord Gangus Abram is awakened by a mysterious voice in the night and told to seek out the Oracle Naman, he must make a journey across the Endless Ocean to destroy the Nordoxz, an undefeated race of humanoids that are controlled by powerful forces of evil.

Lord Abrams plunges into a perilous trek to obey the gods and settle in Bethica, a land of dragons, cannibals, Fallen Angels, Amazonians, and Dark Lords. He is joined by his wife, Brehira, youngest son Dinary, comrade and friend, Celio, Shapeshifter and Beast Master, Olatunji, and 750 people willing to risk their lives for land and freedom.
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