Humor Poetry posted November 16, 2022

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Was Forced to Be Relocated

Unwanted Guest

by country ranch writer

Everyone knows rattle snakes are a rancher's nightmare,right? Well,this short story is of one that was so fat, she could not get back in he hole
because of over indulging while feasting on what they think was a kangaroo rat. Some ranch hands were taking their break when they discovered this snake with its butt hanging out the hole, they laughed so hard it brought tears to their eyes! Feeling sorry for the poor thing they called in some one from animal services to come out to the ranch to relocate the fat rattler. They just didn't have the heart,to kill her. She was relocated far from the ranch.It had been found by the corner of the fence. Maybe she learned her lesson? They claim where there is one snake there are more so I hope they used caution from then on.

Something I Resisted Doing contest entry
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