Family Fiction posted November 13, 2022

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Dog rearranges furniture.

Interior Design


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My dog, Pip, is quite accomplished on many fronts.  He can spot a squirrel in the yard of a neighbor two houses down.  Can tell us (loudly, I might add) when the man across the street gets home at night.  He has quite the lovely singing voice.  Though I'm not a musician, I would guess he's a baritone. 
There is one thing very unique thing about our Pip.  He is an aspiring interior decorator.  I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.
I noticed his budding talent when he was a puppy.  First it was rearranging the pillows or magazines and knick knacks on the coffee table.  Then as he got older, I would come home to pieces of furniture moved around the room.  Since we have no carpets it allowed him to move chairs and small tables from place to place.  Thankfully, he didn't have to exert too much energy as they glided across the floors with ease.
I can't quite figure out what style he is drawn to. Some would say mid-century chaos.  Abstract farmhouse has also been thrown out there.  Make no mistake, it is unique.
All I know is he is very proud of his placement of my favorite chair up against the fireplace and the casual spread of pillows under the coffee table is ahead of its time.
So, if you need any interior design advice or guidance, please message me and I will see if he can help.  Since he is just starting to build his career, his rates are relatively affordable.  
Pip is an up and coming designer.  I will keep you posted on his work.

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Write a story about your pet's actions when you are not home--based on facts with elaboration allowed. Word count 500-550
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Look at Me
Contest Winner

It's all true.
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