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Trap unsure where or how he got there

Trap in a prison

by wierdgrace



He wandered along in total darkness.  He was unaware of any time or any certain place.  It seemed that he had been stumbling along like that for weeks.  He had no idea who he was or where he was.  He had no memory.  All he knew was that he had to find a light.  His head turned from side to side as he stumbled along.  Suddenly he entered a dark, grey mist-like thick fog.  He looked at his feet, and as he stepped ever forward, he saw the fog move as if in waves when he propelled himself onward.

There was no feeling in his body, not even weariness.  He had encountered no other person as he wandered alone, but there was no worry or loneliness.  His mind being a complete blank, instinct caused him to go on and on.

Suddenly in the distance a tiny amber light shone through the mist.  He turned to look toward it, hearing a noise.  It was slightly to the right of him, and his entire body turned to head straight for it.  It was like a giant magnet pulling the form towards it. 

As he advanced, the light became brighter and brighter.  It lit up the entire area around it.  As he came into the rays of the light, it was apparent that he was naked, the dark hair clinging wetly to his head, the face calm and vacant looking, like that of one in a trance.  He moved along as if mechanized, and drew closer to, seemingly, the only thing in the universe moving slowly, slowly toward the yellow bright light.

At the edge of the light beam, clouds of mist moved and twisted, a solid wall of fog.  He and the light seemed to be fastened in by the fog.  His naked body drew closer and closer; he was within a foot of it, then inches. Then the light seemed to shine fully on him, and he was part of it.  He drew toward the core, within an inch, and was lifted into the air, and shot headlong into the light.  As he disappeared, the light went out, and all was darkness and mist above, as it had been before he found the light.

He felt himself falling headfirst, at a fast pace.  It was like a long, long tube, going straight down for miles and miles.  At times, he would lose consciousness completely as he shot through the tube.  The next thing he experienced was warmth.  He felt like he was lying in a soft downy spot, like a worm in a cocoon.  It felt so good to his senses and seemed to rock gently back and forth.  Time went on, where it seemed there was no time at all, just comfort and warmth in the swinging pendulum in which he seemed to be.

His next conscious feeling was as if his legs were a tail which he could move around by swishing it, but his mind did not perceive the truth of it being his legs.  Occasionally he moved that spot where he could feel the nerves, and move as though swimming in water, by just moving his feet.

It was deep darkness, but the man was unaware of that.  He had no consciousness of eyes, nose or mouth.  He seemed to be fastened at one place by a tiny tube, that was inserted into his body, and as time went on, he would get the sensation that fluid of some kind was entering his body from the tube.  Then he would be satisfied.

It seemed to be food he was being fed, through the tube, but he was unsure.  When uncomfortable, he would move and twist this object on the lower part of him, and then the fluids would enter his body, and he would again be deep in sleep, without feeling.  As he woke in the dream state, it felt as though the object which was his feet was wrapped around his stomach.  Instinctively he would stretch to relieve the pressure, but it would return to the same spot.  It was as though he had an iron bellyband on.

As time went on, he began to feel the sensations of his arms, and feelings had come into his legs and feet. Whatever it was that held them tight together, to make them feel like one part, had separated, but his mind was developing, and the place in which he was fastened was small.  His knees and legs were drawn up under his chin.  There was no room to move his arms.  It was like he was in a vise; but as he stretched and turned, the walls of the prison seemed to give.

Then he relaxed and they came back, fastening him in the same uncomfortable position.  His mind seemed more alive and, as he slept, he dreamed of fields of green grass, the warm sun shining, and then he would stretch and move in the soft warm sunshine, and then he would stretch again and move the warm walls of his prison.

As time went on, the prison seemed to be getting smaller and tighter. It seemed to be shrinking; the pressure would break through the deep sleep and become unbearable at times.  He kept turning and twisting in jerks, and as soon as a comfortable spot was reached it seemed to his fast-awakening mind that his entire cell turned.

Sometimes, he felt as if he were hanging upside down, then straight up, sidewise or falling along distance.  Terror entered his mind, and he hurt his head; the loud thumps seemed to be magnified.  His brain began to throw off the inertia in which it had been for a long time.  He remembered his eyes, nose, and mouth, and tried desperately to open them, but his features all seemed to be paralyzed.  All he could move was the main part of his body, rolling his head back and forth, to relieve the strain of the neck muscles.

“Where am I?  Who am I?”  These thoughts were fast developing, and he was beginning to stay awake to all the discomforts of his tight prison.

“Wherever I am, I must get out,” ran through his mind.

He started twisting and turning, then sensed that the opening was below him, as when he stretched his feet out, he could feel a break in the wall of his prison.  He worked, turning only an inch or less, at a time.  Then exhausted, he relaxed again, and slept the deep sleep of the weary.  He was making headway, slow but sure, for he was getting his body downward, heads first, in an endeavor to get through the wall.

At last, he worked himself into such a position that he was standing on his head.  The soft walls of the prison were so tight that he was unable to move except to thresh out his arms. 

Intelligence came into his brain, and he thought, “If I can stretch my legs straight out, I can push my head into the weak spot on the wall of the prison.”

He tried it.  The soft walls gave slowly, with no pain to the top of his head.  He tried to help with his arms, but there was no room in which to move them; so he rested.

Then, with a sharp kick of both legs, at the same time, he felt the wall give; he must have funneled into a lake, as he could feel water starting to gush around his head and shoulders.  It was a tight tunnel; he tried to push his head into it.  The sides gave slightly, but there seemed to be solid bands of steel that would not give.  He worked for hours, resting, then starting again.

He would not give up; already he could feel he had made headway, as there was more room for his fast-tiring legs to push.  The next sensation was of something around his neck.  It was like a steel collar, and whenever he pushed too hard, it would tighten around his throat.

His feet found part of this leash fastening to his throat, and he kicked it frantically.

It lessened somewhat, but it would become so tight around his neck he felt as if he was choking.  He could feel the blood pounding his head, and knew his face must be almost purple, as that thing time and time again, tightened across his adams apple.

He tried to draw a deep breath, to no avail.  “I am not breathing,” the man thought in amazement, “But I am alive.  How can that be?”

The brain really was working now, but he no longer cared who he was or where he was; he just concentrated on getting out of the dungeon, and into the fresh air; to breathe again, and be a free human being.  Suddenly his head broke through the first opening.  His eyes could not see, but he could sense that light was ahead, at the end of the tunnel.

The whole beautiful big world was waiting for him, if he could just throw off those shackles that were binding him to his prison.  Then he was having trouble; he turned and twisted with all his strength.  His shoulders were caught.  He tried and tried to get into position to force them through the small hole, which he had made with his head.  He was about to give up when his ears came to life, and he heard sounds and noises, coming into him from outside the tunnel.

Suddenly through his eyelids he saw a bright light, the noise was getting louder all the time, and water was running; he could feel it all over his body.

He thought, “I’m going into a river!  A blast of icy air hit him; he could feel goose pimples arise all over him.

Then a large clawlike object, grabbed his head, and moved down to where his shoulders were caught, “Something or someone is helping me,” ran through his mind.  He gathered his last strength, and with a mighty push of his feel he shot down the tunnel into the open air.  He felt his body, with the water rolling off, plunge out into the air, and a hard object hit his back.

The pain went through his entire system.  He gasped and a deep breath of clean sweet-smelling air, entered his lungs.  He emitted a cry and heard his voice.  Something cold was wiped across his eyes.  He opened them and saw enormous humans all around him.  He also saw fields of sky all a brilliant white.  The tunnel from which he had escaped looked like a green mountain.  He felt wonder, so free, after being fastened in that tight prison so long.  He kept moving and tossing his arms and legs.

One of the giants was cutting a tube off his body.  A sharp pain went through him.  It was off and he was free again.  As he lay there exhausted, he heard a voice that sounded like thunder, say.  “It's a healthy boy!”








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