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An Exciting Trip contest entry

The Trip To Grandpa's

by DragonSkulls

An Exciting Trip Contest Winner 

When I was seventeen, I took my dog, Sam, on a road trip out to the mountains in Tennessee to visit my grandparents. My father grew up there and just before me and Sam drove off, Dad said, "If you go hiking while you're there, be sure to watch out for the bears, mountain lions and snakes. And if you head down by the river, make sure you avoid the alligators and quicksand. I had nearly every childhood friend I ever knew die because we didn't listen to your grandfather's warnings. Oh, and if it's been raining, be careful where you step because I've also had numerous friends slip and fall and end up breaking their necks on rocks."

"No worries, Dad"

He smiled. "Be safe, son. Tell Grandpa hi."

Mom gave me a smooch through the window. "I love you, son."

I started the car. "You too, Mom."

It took ten hours driving total. Sam's tongue was flapping in the wind most of the way.

My grandparents welcomed us. We had a big meal, visited for a bit and then hit the sack.

The next morning, I had my hiking gear on as the sun was coming up. Just before Sam and I left, Grandpa said, "Ronnie, you be mindful of the-"

"The bears, mountain lions, snakes, alligators and quicksand?"

"Just be careful out there."

"I will, Gramps."

About two miles out, we spotted a doe in a clearing. We watched it in awe as we listened to the whip-poor-wills sing in the trees. Then everything got eerily silent. Before the little deer could run, a mountain lion pounced on it from the trees. Sam reacted by barking. The massive cat froze and stared right at us, not caring that its prey had escaped.

I turned, "Come on, boy," and ran for my life. Within fifteen feet, I tripped over something. It was a black bear cub. It's momma came roaring out of the thicket at me. I turned and kept running with Sam hot on my tail. A couple steps later, a startled rattler lunged at my leg and latched onto my hiking boot, flopping around as I ran.

I was about to use the river for an escape. That's when the huge alligator erupted from the water. I leapt over it as its massive jaws clamped on the mountain lion pursuing me. The bear jumped on the alligator and the three thrashed into the water.
I swam to the other side, then kept running. That was until I ran straight into the quicksand.
Sam started using a long branch to pull me out but he slipped and fell on a dew covered rock. He wasn't moving. I thought he had broken his neck.

Just before I sank, Grandpa miraculously showed up and rescued me. Sam was okay too.

Needless to say, we never made that trip again.

Writing Prompt
Write a story about an exciting, real trip you and your pet (1 pet) took. Word count 450-500 /Black font only /Keep it G rated-- suitable for children

An Exciting Trip
Contest Winner

I really did take my dog for a road trip to my grandparents once.
I guess that's all that's really required for the 'real' aspect of this contest.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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