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The Wrong Package contest entry

My New Surround Sound

by DragonSkulls

The Wrong Package Contest Winner 

I wondered why the Amazon package was so damaged
when it arrived. Rarely does anything I order ever come
in a box so beat up. I didn't care though, my new wireless
surround sound system had arrived and my movie watching
experience was headed to a whole new level of excellence.

I tore into it like a child at Christmas. What I found packed
in the bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts was definitely not
my new wireless system. That's when I actually looked at
the address it was shipped to. It was supposed to have gone to
the new, shady neighbors down the street. Their address is 798
E. Farland. My address is 789, an easy mistake. Both houses
are located on our dead-end street, theirs closer to the end.

I weighed the options of what I should have done from that
moment. How something like this ever made it through
customs and our postal system was astounding. Who knows,
maybe it didn't even go through customs at all, seeing as how
we're just letting anybody in anymore. It may have been made
and sent right here in the good old USA.

I decided rather than contacting the police and getting mixed
up in something that was clearly just going to disrupt and tarnish
my easy lifestyle, besides most likely making a few serious
enemies along the way, I'd simply just tape it back up and take
it down the street to the rightful recipient.

Ever since they moved in, I've only seen the same four guys going
in and out. They didn't have any women or children around, just
them, eyeing the neighborhood every time they left or returned.

I waited until I knew all four were in the house before taking the
package over there. I'm sure they were wondering why it hadn't
arrived yet. 

Bashar, something or other, just glared at me when I handed him
the package at his front door. "This was accidentally delivered to my
address, friend." He snatched it from my hands and slammed the
door in my face.

A couple minutes later, when I got back home and calculated that
they had already opened the box, or not, I pushed the button on
the remote. Besides the four original suicide bomb vests inside, I
added an explosive detonator along with them before taking the
package over there.

The next day my new surround sound stereo arrived. The driver
asked how the house on the corner blew up. I said, "Maybe just a
mix up in addresses. Who knows?"


The Wrong Package
Contest Winner

They were terrorists, if for some reason that wasn't clear.

There were spelling errors the first go around and the spell check
didn't catch them, then the new editor wouldn't let me fix them when
I did see them. It wasn't until after I turned my computer off and back on
before I could reedit.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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