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Proud Of My Brother Growing. Up

Whiz Kid

by country ranch writer

Elaborated Truth Contest Winner 

Everyone has elaborated on how well my brother hag amazed everyone since he was the age of two him being a tiny whiz kid. My brother Jim always watched my our Grandpa and daddy play chess. When he turned two he was already walking and talking, and he began begging his Grandpa to play chess with him.

Ok, his Grandpa teased him and said, "okay lets see what yea got"...
Setting up the board they began to play when in just a few moves Jim had Grandpa cornered in check mate. Clapping his little hands together craning his head toward the chess board saying go again! Laughing at his antics he said, ok one more time. Smiling from ear to ear Jim won again, He walked over to Grandpa and said, like a pro, shaking his hand said, "thank you sir!" As Jim was growing up his Grandpa took him to every chess match around. He was thirteen when he decided to quit chess because he said. it bored him.

changing what he wanted to do next and took up ranching just like his dad building a legacy that would live on for year's to come.

Jim finished college at the tender age of 16 with honors. He did a stint as a park ranger before settling down. Jim was the youngest park ranger they
ever had and very well respected.Forestry department elaborated through out the
ranks his progress for being so young. He loved his job and loved the outdoors.he said it was a feeling of freedom of enjoying mother nature.He had some already acclimated time off coming so he headed home to the ranch to spend time with the everyone. He rubbed his hands together he couldn't wait to play chess with his Grandpa once again.

Writing Prompt
Word count--350-400 /Black font only /Keep it G rated--suitable for children
Story must include yourself and at least 1 real brother
Note--this is fiction based on true events

Elaborated Truth
Contest Winner

Little whiz kid makes good choices growing up .
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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