Biographical Poetry posted July 5, 2022

This work has reached the exceptional level
I am so blessed.

A New Beginning

by Ramona Agin

Hello, it's me. The one whose heart you broke.

I suppose I should hate you and I guess sometimes I do. Especially when I think of how you tricked me and lied to me.

When I think of how you took advantage of me and deceived me it hurts me more than angers me.

We were together so long, I thought I could trust you but you stole from me just like you stole my heart.

Even though my body is infirm and you knew it would be hard for me to work. You left me without enough money to survive unless I did.

I have had to struggle for years. Would you even care?

Fourteen years together. They meant something to me. YOU meant something to me.

I guess I didn't mean much to you or you would have done the right thing and truly taken care of me like you said you would.

I hope the money you stole from me keeps you warm at night because Karma has a way of catching up with you and someday you may need more than wealth. Some day like me, you may lose your health.

I used to be bitter and angry,
But now I realize, the Good Lord is with me. HIS love has protected me. I am safe and loved now. I don't need your false love or your money. I have something money can't buy.

I have love and honor and God in my life. Something you would never understand.

I've realized, You lack God in your life and are incapable of love and honor.

I wish I had seen through the mask sooner. It sure would have saved me a lot of pain.

I loved you so deeply I was blinded to the truth. You really only loved yourself and the reflection of yourself that you saw in me, not me. I was no more important to you than an ornament on a tree.

I am free now. I have finally found peace and happiness. The Lord has provided for me and answered my prayers.

You no longer have a hold on me. I'm happy now. I have my own home in the Country and it's beautiful. Bought and paid for by me. Blessed be. The Good Lord has taken care of me. I've started over. A new life. A New Beginning. New joys to be found.

I bear you no ill will. I just wanted you to know that I've started over and you didn't break me.



My ex-husband took advantage of me in our divorce and cheated me out of a large share of money I was entitled to. I have physical and mental disabilities and have had to work hard to survive and finally have made a fresh beginning thanks to the Good Lord. It has taken me seven years, but now I am blessed with a beautiful home, love in my life and I am happy. I finally have my New Beginning.

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