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There Was Seventeen Of Us At The Ranch

Grandmas And Grandpas Surprise

by country ranch writer

The holidays on a working ranch like my Grandpa's is filled with dedication from all of us, Livestock need to be tended to just like any other day on the ranch. So it's all hands on deck and boots on the ground, getting everything in shape for the Christmas holiday.
Grandpa, he always preached to us, that the saying on the place is cattle get fed first- even on a holiday.
During the holiday it was tradition to find the biggest Douglas fir on the property. This year it was the biggest fullest yet that I have ever seen!
We all helped decorate it with all the handmade ornaments all the grandkids made for their grandparents.
All us girls pitched in along with mom to help make the meals, and get ready for Santa. The smell of cookies, pies, and cakes, could be smelt through out the week.

The grandkids were delighted when they found the deer mulling all around the property. Even an elk or two showed up but didn't stay long. While the bigger kids kept the younger ones
entertained they took them on an out door hike. The kids were excited running in to tell
Grandma and Grandpa about their day in the woods. Even Disney world would've had to take a back seat over their excitement. The older kids took a video of their day and there were exclaims heard from everyone like wow!!Oh look! As momma bear and her young ones as they tried to catch their own fish out of the creek

After supper they all gathered around the fireplace to listen to Grandpa's stories of Christmas when he was young. The boys cooked popcorn the old fashioned way in the massive fireplace.
One by one the little ones were carried up to bed to be tucked in.Later after the fire was
banked everyone turned in because daylight comes early on the ranch.
The moral is story "Preserve your heritage."
Make as many memories as you can with your Grandparent's.

The Day that. . . writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Word count--300-350
Write a story that includes your grandparents and grandchildren.
including yourself.
Keep it G rated--suitable for children

It is time for us to preserve our heritage of the past and present while celebrating with our Grandparents making as many memories as we can.
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