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What Happens Next?

Afterlife - Not Really

by Annmuma

Your view of the afterlife Contest Winner 

What happens when we are through with our bodies?  Do we cease to exist once the physical body is dead and useless?  Do we have souls that enter some mysterious and glorious realm of peace and love? Or maybe some sort of torture chamber based on our misdeeds?

This is a subject that I have thought about for over sixty-five years, since I was twelve years old and had my first close encounter with the death of someone important in my life.  I’ve read, and continue to read, the opinions of people who consider themselves to be authorities on the subject, from psychics to ordained ministers of many faiths to the more-than-convinced atheists.  I’ve looked at the subject from a Christian point of view as well as Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, to name a few. While in my car, I enjoy audio books from poets and others who delve into the mysteries of life and death. I work diligently toward keeping an open mind to learn from those who have spent more time and effort in developing their opinions.

Many years ago, I reached my own conclusion regarding the afterlife and, while my thoughts continue to be molded by current study, my basic belief has not changed:  There is no afterlife; there is a continuing life.  Life is forever and, when our bodies die, the essence of who we are continues to live.  I believe, based on both personal experience and what I’ve found in my search for truth, that there is a Superior Being who created this physical world and everything in it.  To experience His creation, God added men and women as extensions of Himself. He embodied these human creations with free wills to do as they choose to do.  God lives in this world through us and the lives we’ve chosen, perhaps choices were made before we entered this short time as physical beings in our specific setting. 

Once graduated from this experience, our souls return to the realm of the unseen, but not unfelt.  Some souls stay closer to those still in physical bodies and some souls move to another level and/or life more quickly; souls may choose to return to this physical existence and souls may choose a time of rest or learning from uncorrected errors on this side. 

This physical incarnation is a learning experience.  We lived before we arrived in the body we now occupy, and we will continue to live when we graduate from it.  I believe our souls yearn to return to the Creator and I know that return requires much spiritual growth. 

Have you ever just met someone, but there is an immediate reaction, positive or negative; maybe that is a connection from the side that we’ve forgotten but is remembered by our souls.  Maybe it provides an opportunity for growth. Perhaps, we travel in groups as we grow in experience.
There is no afterlife. There is only life. 


Your view of the afterlife
Contest Winner



this is a subject close to my heart and I enjoy exploring other opinions to weigh them against my own. I have had multiple experiences that I know to be contacts from those who have left the physical world. i also believe such experiences are available primarily to people who believe they exist. One must open the door first by expecting them to occur.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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