Children Fiction posted June 23, 2022

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The piece of yarn

by Iza Deleanu

"Have I told you how I met your mother, baby?"

"No, daddy, I bet it was a very fairy tale..."

"Fairy, indeed. It's time to know the truth about your mom."

"Yey, story time, I would like to know that dad."
"So, here it goes, kiddo. Once upon a time when I was travelling back to Transylvania..."

"Wait, my mom was a v a m p i r e?

"No! Let me finish! I was walking around Brasov the old citadel, and I saw the most beautiful girl, just like you, that was waving from one of the nearby artisan shops. At first, I thought she was waving at somebody else, but then she smiled and... got me! I don't know why, but I got an urge to speak in a very old fashionable way, so I said: "What is troubling you my fair lady?"

She answered: "Good, Sir, I need your help to unweave this ball of yarn. My hands are swollen, and I need to finish this task by midnight."

Intrigued I mumbled:" Midnight, or the bad wolf will get you."

Ileana, that was your mother's name said: "Yeah, I know what you are thinking, that the bad wolf will get me!"

"Mesmerized by her beauty, I agreed to help her. I stepped inside the shop, and then it happened! Unfortunately, we where not able to finish in time and at midnight she became a ghost."

"Daddy, then I was born nine months later?"

"Not, really. You arrived by mail with a note, from Transylvania with love."

"What? By mail? How is possible? Did I come with instructions? Was I a piece of paper?

"Yes, Ileana. You were a piece of yarn. Your mom said to put you in front of the fireplace, and you became a beautiful baby."

"Wow, daddy this is much better that telling me that I was adopted, this is so dope!"

"Once a year, you are teleporting to Transylvania and hunt that house where you were born the first time."

"Daddy, will my babies be pieces of yarn?"

"That's for another time, baby."


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Word count 300-350
Story will include a human encounter with ghosts/spirits
Your fiction story must be written suitable for children--G rated.
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