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A father hates to see his daughter start dating.

Prelude to First Date

by BethShelby

Time Period: Late 1950’s

Betsy: 17-year-old high school senior
George: 40-year-old store manager and part-time cattleman. Betsy’s father
Lucy: 38 year-old housewife. Betsy’s mother
Matt: Young man in early twenties. Betsy’s first date.

Setting:  Living Room of family home, furnished with sofa, chairs, coffee and end tables A bar stool and easel with canvas painting sits at angle near the sofa.

Fade in:
Betsy is dressed for a date. She is wearing a blue dress with a full skirt, hose and 2 in. heels. Betsy is sitting on the stool dabbing with a small brush at an nearly finished painting of forest scene with deer.

George enters stage left.

George: Your mother tells me you think you’re going on a date. Why am I just now hearing about this?
Betsy: Daddy, I’m 17, I’m old enough to date. A lot of kids at school have been dating since they were 14. Why do I have to tell you? You and Mom got married when she was 17.
George: Who is this guy? Do I know him?

Betsy: No, you don’t know him. I met him once last summer. He lives in another county. He wrote me a letter and asked if I’d go out with him.

George: YOU MET HIM, ONCE? Are you nuts? You don’t know anything about him either. What time is he coming? I’m going to have to question him. You can’t go out with some stranger.

Betsy: Daddy, That’s the problem. That’s why I didn’t tell you. You run off even the ones you do know. Every time someone asks me out, you tell them I can’t go. You always find something wrong with them. Please don’t embarrass me in front of this guy. If you do, I’ll just die.

Lucy enters from left.
Lucy: George, leave her alone! She’s nervous enough as it is. She's not an idiot. She knows what she’s doing. He wrote her a long letter. She knows something about him. He told her all about himself. He’s a decent guy. You want her to end up an old maid and live here the rest of her life.

George: You females don’t know nothing. Where’s this guy from?

Betsy: He lives in Smith County. He just got back from service. He was in Korea.  He's planning to get a job in Jackson.

George: Smith County? I knew there was something wrong with him. I’ve heard all about Smith County. There’s nothing in that county but horse thieves and cattle rustlers. Besides he doesn’t even have a job. How old is this guy? Does he know you're just a child?

Lucy: That is ridiculous. That county is no worse than our county. Speaking of cattle, you need to go to the back pasture and check on our cows. Two of them were missing this morning. I meant to tell you earlier.

George: You should have told me earlier. They may have broken out though the fence. There’s no telling where they are by now. I’m going. We can’t afford to lose those cows, or have them tramping down someone’s garden.  

George exits left

Betsy: Mama, do we really have cows missing?

Lucy: No, but it’s almost two o’clock. That will hold your dad for a while. You said Matt was coming at two. If I were you, I wouldn’t linger around here when he gets here. I think that is him pulling up now. You can thank me later.

Lucy exits left.
Matt pushes the doorbell and Betsy answers.

Betsy: Hi! I see you didn’t have any trouble finding my house. Come on in.

Matt: Hi, You look good. You're prettier than I even remembered. 

Matt enters, sees the painting and notices Betsy is holding a brush.

Wow! Did you paint that? I didn’t know you were an artist.

Betsy: Yes, I did. I was trying to impress you, but we can work on that later. If we’re going to make it to the movie in time for the previews, we better leave now.

Matt: Okay, if that’s what you want to do. I thought maybe I’d get a chance to meet your family.

Betsy: Uh…today’s not a great time. Maybe next time, if there is one.

Matt holds the door for Betsy and the two of them the exit to right.


The First Date contest entry


This is very close to the prelude to my first date.
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