Commentary and Philosophy Fiction posted June 8, 2022

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The businesswoman

by Iza Deleanu

She came a long way to give me something that I didn't wanted. She managed to travel without any restrictions under the cover of the glamourous title of businesswoman with lots of cash. I tried to warn them, but they didn't care. I guess money makes the world go round.

She brought with her something that turned our world upside down! I told her I am an egocentric racist, so she better keep her fengshui away, but she didn't care. With one blow she ripped through my self-defenses like there was nothing to stop her. She was like that Shaolin that used the air to conquer the world. She persuaded me by offering the sun and moon, but I resisted telling her God gave us the Sun and Moon, and she couldn't use them as a bargaining chip. But, she managed to fool the greedy politicians, and they let her waltz her way across continents and fake democracy.

None of them smelt the trap. Under her nice looks and philanthropic demeanor, there was something ancient and evil. Every time I looked at her, I got that feeling that something bad was creeping inside our souls. I tried to resist her, and my visits to the local chapel increased. I asked my Boss to guide me through this, but he just plastered me with the ancient excuse that I have free will and should use it. I laughed and told him my only free thing was my imagination, the rest is a prisoner to societal constraints. Oh, man, if I could only see and understand the real message, but no! I was blind and deaf living in a content illusion. I tried to convince myself that if I stopped making waves, Madame will go away. See this was my main mistake. If I just opened my eyes and harassed her with questions, I could've found out her real motive. But she managed to throw some bribes in the direction of my superiors aka greedy lackeys that for a coin closed their eyes and let us perish. Some of them are gone now, and I wonder how those coins bought them a free passage to hell.

My name is Marco, and I have nothing in common with Marco Polo. I am working for the Center of Diseases and Prevention of course under cover. I am an agent of God sent to keep strange strains content, but one fooled me and got away. Oh, Carolina! like the song, you know....

That morning when I opened the door to my secret lab, Coronella smiled and gave me the most dangerous strain that started as a cold, but then through me she managed to attack the rest of the world. She cursed me! Whatever I touched multiplies and mutates. I am so tired and all I wanna do is to scream: " Coronella, you are not welcome! Get out of here! Return to your cave and be dead for another millennium!"

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