General Fiction posted June 3, 2022

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Begging for Alms isn't easy

A Million Bucks for Free

by Tom Horonzy

Dear Warren:
When is enough sufficient even for a pus like you that sells high, drives the stock market down, stands aside to watch havoc among poorer souls before buying back in at a discount?

I believe I would do more with a million bucks, which would be like one peanut to an elephant for you. Crumbs of shells left on the sidewalk for paupers to eat.

Let me see, given the gift I seek of thee, I would feed my family of four through to eternity. I would buy a newer used car, and shop resale stores for bargains, setting aside enough to educate my son and daughter on how to value a dollar. In doing so, I imagine how they would spread that knowledge so others could joust with you in making a dollar.

What say ye? Would you be game? A measly million bucks, or a thousand thousand, could buy ten one hundred gamblers a lot of lottery tickets as well, but I find that sacrilegious. Is that how you made your first mil?

Anyway, as much as I would love to see a check coming to me, I suspect you'll continue your spending spree through Berkshire Hathaway, maintaining my jealousy. It's as simple as that. Be fat and sassy like you, or kind and considerate like me.

Do Unto others? As you have had done unto you. Book of Tom, 2022.

I have to leave now. I only found this contest ten minutes ago and its entry time is running out. Be well, as much as your billions will allow.

Tom H

If I Had a Million Dollars writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
A multi-billionaire wants to give away some of their money and has set up a contest to decide who it should go to. Write a letter telling him/her why you should be the one to get the money. 250-500 words. Poetry is fine if you'd rather, but it must be in the form of a letter.

Wish I had seen this contest sooner but with less than 25 minutes I did what I could.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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