General Fiction posted April 25, 2022

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Humanity Time

I May Not Be

by the13thpoet

I may not be for everyone
Sloppy meter and corny lines
But listen here, I'll make this clear
You can never question the rhyme.

I may not be for everyone
I'm antisocial and intimidating
But to keep it real I don't care how you feel
Isn't there someone else you could be hating?

I may not be for everyone
I'm certainly not everyone's cup of tea
But I can't let you worry about what I do
I just gotta be me

I may not be for everyone
Not everyone shares my views
But if you put in the work, it'll make your feet hurt
If you walked a mile in my shoes

I may not be for everyone
My shade may be a little too dark
But if you begin to look within
You'll see the goodness of my heart

I may not be for everyone
That I clearly understand
And that's fine with me, just leave me be
And respect me as a man

I may not be for everyone
But at least acknowledge that I exist
It leaves me confused when people choose
To treat their fellow man like this

I may not be for everyone
But for everyone I wish the best
If you take the time we might just find
What unites us, then to hell with all the rest

I may not be for everyone
And everyone certainly isn't for me
But if we all choose to live by the golden rule
We can all be happy and free.

I may not be for everyone
But if you open your eyes you'll see
That we're all small pieces of a bigger picture
A Puzzled Humanity

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