Humor Fiction posted April 23, 2022

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Nothing at All contest entry

Quotes and Questions

by DragonSkulls

What did I do to benefit Earth Day this year? Nothing. I
even threw my plastic in the regular garbage.

My doctor scheduled an appointment and in five minutes
concluded that I was remarkably healthy. The sad part is
I still have to pay him for a whole lot of nothing.

I asked the universe, "What's the meaning of life?"
It pretty well answered, "Nothing."

The homeless guy standing at the highway exit said, "Spare some change?"
I replied, "No, but I can spare some nothing."

On my way to work today, I had full intent to get nothing done...
and succeeded.

Even though she made numerous hints, I forgot our wedding
anniversary. She gave me a new laptop. I gave her the gift of nothing.

Later that night, I was in the mood and feeling a little frisky. Needless
to say, kisses and a stiffie meant nothing except alone time on the couch.

While writing this, I sang a song aloud, Nothing from nothing leaves
nothing. But those are the only words of the song I know.

What did the latest booster shot for covid provide beside a pain in
the arm? Nothing.

Two hundred and six cable channels to watch and what's on TV?

There was a thread for this contest. What did they get for a reply? Nothing.
That's hilarious.

I got robbed. What did he leave with? Nothing. My offered eight dollar
Walmart watch wasn't even worth his time or a bullet.

I'd ask what's between our president's ears but I fear the backlash of haters
on the forum here.

Well dang, what's left in my precious vodka bottle? Not a stinking drop.

I asked my kid what he learned in school today. Besides the fact that he
might be a queer, nothing.

What have I learned from fifteen years of being on this site?
That I love sarcasm and top that off with a generous portion of nothing.

I yelled to my neighbor, "Hey, Fred, what do you hear?"
Nothing. He's deaf.

Sorry, I just had to get that dumb joke in there.

What do I expect to win from this stupid entry for this contest?
Half the prize pool.


About Nothing at All writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Whatever you write, make it "about nothing at all." Have fun. Write whatever, be it 3-4-5-7 lines or a poem. Short stories around 300 words. Rhyme or free verse. Have fun.
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