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Children Prepare For Their Science Fair

Excited For Months

by country ranch writer

This year the Christian Science Fair was being held at the town's fairgrounds. The children were all excited preparing for the exhibit. They sold tickets for prizes to help raise money to sponsor for next year's if all went well according to plan.

The mayor of the town along with other officials would act as judges. They were getting ready for the Christian Science Fair on Sunday.

Buildings were set up to house the science fair and their displays to be judged.

Lunch would be served the grounds afterwards for all to enjoy the out doors. It was going to be a beautiful day if it didn't rain on their parade as they say.

The Christian science fair is based on interesting and educational ideas.The children used their science skills in making into their inventions. Like an example...the creation of Noah's

In Christian school reading, writing, math and the words of God and science classes were taught everyday.
The science fair gives them a chance to shine by showing off their skills and what they have learned over the course of the year...Showing off their project on display and how it works in detail posted on the board for everyone to read as they observe it.

It is a great experience hoping and praying nothing goes wrong, Creating. a project and submitting the incorrect information could be embarrassing to not only your self, but the teachers, the judges, but also the school having failed. How can I say it delicately....because of a blunders
Maybe Albert Einstein said it better," two things are infinite:the universe and human stupidity,and I'm not sure of the universe."

The experiment went horribly wrong when they put vinegar and baking soda to the fair for their rocket and it exploded.

Christian Science Fair contest entry
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