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Lessons Learned While Growing Up

We Thought Our Mother Was Mean

by country ranch writer

growing up we thought our mom was being mean because we werent allowed to have what other kids had, the freedom to do what ever they wanted to do. Our mom had rules we had to follow them to a tee or be put on restruction.

Rule number one: no junk food for breakfast.A full breakfast was served cooked by mom's loving hand.

Number two: when the other kids had pepsi and twinkies for lunch not for us, we took our bag lunch to school.

It included a sandwich of some kind with fresh fruit of the season. We paid the lunch lady 5cents for white milk no chocolate it wasn't allowed. as it cost 10 cents more.

Dinner or supper as we call it was always a big deal at our house no siree you would not find take out in our house to cross our lips. No,pizza or burgers and fries. My twin sister Dana and I griped all the time but dad would shake his head with the cop out words he'd say, "Your mother knows best!"

House rule number three : we had to earn our krrp. we had to wash dishe, make beds, even had to learn to seperate our clothes and to do,laundry. Make our darn beds and keep our rooms clean. Mother used to preach there, was a place for everything and every thing in its place. Boy she meant it too.

She was like a drill sergeant everything had to be just so. We sometimes felt likewe were in the military.

Everything was done in a timely manor around our home.

when we became older we were finally able to go together with our closest friends to the mall.

They had to know who were we were going with, when we were leaving and when we'd be back.

We best nnot be late or we got the riot act from dad. It was something about respecting our parents and keeping ourb our word to mom. Someb of our fruends were starting to date at the young age of 13 and 15. well the other rule Imthink was five:no dating until we turned sixteen Ouch! that was big time unfair Dana and I agreed. We tried our best to convince them but they stuck to their guns about that one! Finall we could date. The boys had to knock on the door so mom and dad could check them out.

The ground rules were then laid out to the boys and us. I 'm thimking it was rule number six: There be no horn honking. They would come to the door and escort their date to, the vehicle. Curfew was ten o'clock, eleven on the weekends. By now we all had the routine down pat. Burned into our memory so we wouldnt turn up late.

Looking back mom was right for being so strict. They did the best they could yo teach us right�?�¯�?�¼?We turned out great. We never got in troubleb,drank, or been stopped by the law, or arrested.

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Story must include true-to-life biological sister(s) ages 5 or older conceived
by same father and mother
No vulgar words, profanity, sex, or satire
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